The Kia Telluride Is Missing One Family-Friendly Feature

Kia’s Telluride has benefited from enviable media coverage this year, helping it stand out from the competition. Comfort, performance, and safety are key highlights of the Telluride. Because of this, many of us consider the Telluride as one of the greatest SUVs of the year. Even so, we can’t help but think that it’s missing one thing.

What the Telluride is lacking

SUVs have become more popular for a variety of reasons. They tend to make passengers feel safer, and they are generally more attractive family-friendly vehicles compared to minivans. We also are drawn to SUVs because of their comforts on the inside, which include its interior as well as the available technology. With the Telluride, you get comfort and desirable in-car technology, however, there is no rear-entertainment available. 

We know rear-seat entertainment is definitely not a necessity. Not having this option is what people would call a “first-world problem.”  However, this tech feature has the ability to make long car trips so much better. Sure there are many do-it-yourself entertainment systems you can put in the car you buy. But lots of these add-ons literally have old-school vibes. They tend to look like something you would have seen on movie day in classrooms in the earlier 2000s. Or like the screens we tend to see in an older plane or charter bus. 

All we’re saying is that a modern, sleek SUV like the Telluride should have an entertainment screen package available. It would basically be the perfect modern family-friendly vehicle with this. There is a consolation prize on Telluride through entertainment screen wise. The Telluride does offer USB charging ports in its second row which can be handy for those using tablets. But as points out, there are no power sources on the Telluride’s third-row seat. 

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The Telluride could also add another desirable feature

The Telluride offers an impressive suite of advanced safety features. These features include pre-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and rear parking sensors. The most notable feature though is a safe exit assist. But experts at also called out the Telluride for not having an automatic parking assist feature. Class rivals like the Ford Expedition offer self-parking features, which can be extremely helpful when in the city life

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We still love this SUV though 

Even though we are missing a couple of things on the Telluride, it does way more right than it does wrong. This underdog has taken the SUV market by storm and has been specifically awarded for it. The Telluride is pleasant to drive and it’s pretty gorgeous too. It’s exterior is grand and its car cabin is remarkably handsome. 

Tech fans will also be happy to know that the Telluride offers an attractive infotainment system in addition to the advanced safety equipment. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity features should help keep families entertained on the road. But we still want a rear-seat entertainment system and power ports on the third-row.