What Is So Great About the Tesla Model 3 Performance?

We get it, you’re probably sick of reading about Tesla cars by now and are even familiar with all of the specs even though you might never own. Take the Model 3, for example, it’s been out for a couple of years now and it’s the entry-level model to the esteemed electric car brand. It’s compact, yet has enough room for five people, can get up to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, and travel up 250 miles on a single charge. However, are you familiar with the Model 3 Performance? If not, we’ll tell you what’s so great about it.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is mainly about performance

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not exactly Tesla fanboys (and girls) either, however, the Tesla Model 3 Performance just might cool and compact enough to change our minds. Why? For starters, the Model 3 performance can get up to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. For reference, that’s about as quick as a Ford GT and an Acura NSX, both of which cost around three times as much as the Model 3 Performance. And what’s more, it has about 300 miles of range, thanks to its larger battery, which of course means that you won’t need to worry about those longer road trips that you’ve always wanted to take.

Straight-line performance is obviously a highlight and we can gush over the Model 3 Performance’s 0-60 times all day, however, it also handles well. According to Car and Driver, since the batteries are placed underneath the floor, which gives the car a lower center of gravity, the car changes direction quickly and stays planted in the corners. They also noted that the steering feels weighted and there are even three different modes to change the steering feel.

A white Tesla Model 3 is seen during the Vienna Car Show press preview
The Tesla Model 3 | Manfred Schmid/Getty Images

The Tesla Model 3 Performance isn’t just about performance

In addition to the performance and handling aspects of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, there are also some additional features that set it apart from its non-performance stablemates. To make it unique, Tesla added a carbon fiber rear spoiler that helps keep the car stable at up to 162 mph, they lowered the suspension, and also threw on some wider 20-inch Gray Performance wheels. A set of performance brakes brings everything to a halt and a set of aluminum pedals tie-up the whole “performance” look. (How many times do we need to say the word “performance?”)

In addition to all of the upgraded and sporty hardware, Tesla also included “track mode” into this iteration of the Model 3. When the driver toggles “track mode,” it enables them to configure the car’s performance including the motor balance, stability assist, and regenerative braking, according to Tesla. Also included is an overclocked compressor for more optimal cooling after track driving, a G-meter, and a lap timer. It looks like Tesla really condones spirited and track driving in this car.


Is a Tesla Model 3 Really Worth It?

Is it the best Tesla model yet?

We would have to agree with Doug Demuro in that the Model 3 Performance is likely the best Tesla model ever produced, at least on paper. While we are certain that the numbers don’t lie and the car is truly a blast to drive, it still depends on what you’re going for. If the range is what you need, then you’ll likely be better off with a Model Y or a Model S Long Range, which can now get up to 400 miles of range. However, if you’re looking for performance and don’t want to use gas anymore, then the Tesla Model 3 Performance could be your best bet.