Is a Tesla Model 3 Really Worth It?

If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle with ample range, you’ve no doubt considered a Tesla. Even the cheapest models have over 200 miles of all-electric range, and you can even charge the battery with a solar panel. Tesla cars also tend to be on the pricey side, with the cheapest 2020 Model 3 retailing for $37,990.

Many Tesla owners say that the Model 3 is a potential life-ruiner, but not in the way you’re probably thinking. According to fans on Reddit, this luxury vehicle is apparently so good that it will make you never want any other kind of car. Are these owners exaggerating, or is the Model 3 really worth the hype?

What Tesla Model 3 owners love

From the moment you get inside a Tesla Model 3, you’ll notice that it’s quite different from other luxury sedans. The 12-inch touchscreen that sits in the center stack is pretty hard to miss, and many critics praise the infotainment system for being highly intuitive. You can update the software directly from your phone, which you can also use in place of a traditional key fob.

The interior itself feels very stylish and futuristic. Both rows have ample room for most adults, though the second row is noticeably tighter. The low seating position of the back seats may also make it difficult for some passengers to be comfortable.

One of the main reasons consumers rave about the Tesla Model 3 is its incredible ride quality. No matter which trim you buy, the Model 3 has excellent brakes and sporty handling. The Performance model can effortlessly accelerate from 0-60 mph in just over three seconds and has 322 miles of all-electric range.

The Long Range Model 3 has the same amount of range, but it can’t accelerate quite as quickly. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, the Standard Range model offers 250 miles of all-electric range. While some cheaper EVs can outmatch this model, they definitely won’t have the same level of luxury.

Annoying things about the Tesla Model 3

The Model 3’s infotainment system is easy to use for the most part, but it does have some minor flaws. The large touchscreen can prove to be a huge distraction for some drivers, even with the voice controls. Additionally, even diehard Tesla fans will tell you that the voice control feature doesn’t always work as well as it should.

Smartphone integration also isn’t available in any Tesla Model 3 trim, which is very unusual for most cars in its class. Drivers have also noted that the cellular connection can get spotty in certain areas like underground parking garages.  However, the biggest downside of buying a Tesla Model 3 is the price. 

The Standard Range model is the most affordable option, but the Performance version can cost nearly $60,000. Insurance rates for the Model 3 are also incredibly high according to NerdWallet – as much as $2,215 per year. Still, you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars in yearly fuel costs.

Is it right for everyone?

A white Tesla Model 3 is seen during the Vienna Car Show press preview
The Tesla Model 3 | Manfred Schmid/Getty Images

Does the Tesla Model 3 Make for a Good Rental Car?

Obviously, the Tesla Model 3 probably isn’t the best car for owners on a budget. Several Reddit users also pointed out that charging the battery can be a hassle without your own charging station. At-home EV chargers aren’t cheap, with some costing as much as $2,000.

The good news is that the Model 3 charges itself quickly – around six hours for 50 percent battery life. Many apartment-dwellers may also have access to a charging station in the complex itself or relatively nearby. If you have the cash and access to a battery charger, we’d say the Tesla Model 3 is definitely worth the money.