A blue Tesla Model S travels on a multilane city highway
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Which Tesla Model Has the Longest Range?

Tesla has been making luxury mass-market electric vehicles far longer than any other automaker. Its investments in public charging stations and home charging solutions have made its cars more palatable to EV skeptics. In fact, there’s growing public demand for both new and used models.  For consumers, charging anxiety has posed the most significant obstacle to buying an EV. So it …

A man's finger touches a Tesla Model 3's 15-inch control touchscreen in May 2018
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Tesla’s New Touchscreen Shifter Is a Recipe for Disaster

Car enthusiasts might agree Tesla leads the charge in introducing new auto-based and EV technology. The company already produces groundbreaking models such as the Model S, Model X, and Cybertruck. And with each Tesla model, consumers expect new and exciting features. One of the latest features Tesla announced offers gear-shifting controls through the in-car touchscreen. Tesla designed it …

The Tesla Cybertruck with Cyberlandr Camper
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The Cyberlandr Just Made the Tesla Cybertruck Weirder

In case the Tesla Cybertruck didn’t look weird enough for you, there’s a way to increase its unique vibe. The Cyberlandr pickup camper for the Tesla Cybertruck looks like it just floated down from space!  Go camping in the Cyberlandr camper for the Tesla Cybertruck  The Cyberlandr pickup camper for the Tesla Cybertruck looks out …

A Tesla Model S electric car is on display during 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
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Tesla Might Not Even Be Allowed to Have That Weird Model S Steering Wheel

Most people love chic, luxurious, spacious, and stylish car interiors. Besides improving the electric range, redesigning the liftback, and bolstering acceleration, Tesla has sensationally equipped Tesla Model S interior with one of the most fascinating features. The all-electric Tesla Model S was the first car from Tesla to break into the mainstream car market because …

A Tesla supercharging station in California
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Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging: What Are Your Options?

Tesla has a variety of ways to charge your electric vehicle. Some of those are at public charging stations, while others can be for more personal use. If you are thinking of purchasing or leasing a Tesla and wondered about charging options, look no further! Tesla supercharger charging stations The Tesla supercharging station network is …

A red Tesla Model 3 EV and other models at the Tesla Service Center in Hamburg, Germany, on October 21, 2020
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What Is the Cheapest Tesla?

Tesla is all the rage. It seems not a day goes by when there isn’t a news story about the brand’s innovative cars, soaring stock prices, or colorful CEO Elon Musk. The public praise and attention are well-deserved — the consensus is that Tesla EVs are excellent (if expensive). So if you’re thinking of buying …

An image of a Tesla Model Y out on a race track.
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Tesla and Toyota Are Trying for a New Electric Baby

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Telsa and Toyota with a baby carriage. Alright, so auto manufacturer relationships may not happen that way, but Telsa and Toyota might be revisiting their potential partnership to build a new electric vehicle.  Tesla and Toyota might be partners  According to Fox Business, Tesla and Toyota might …

A red Tesla vehicle parked at a dealership in Miami, Florida, on January 3, 2019
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What Tesla Model Is the Best?

If you’re shopping for a luxury electric car, you’ll find several Tesla models worth considering. The world’s most disruptive automaker continues its bull run into 2021 with revamped versions of the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.  Each offers various trims and features, so choosing the best of the above models isn’t …

A blue Rivian R1T parked on a gravel road in a forest
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Does Rivian Have a Better EV Warranty Than Tesla?

We’re currently counting down the days until the R1T and R1S officially hit Rivian dealerships. But before they do, the American EV company continues to trickle out more information about the potential ownership experience. For example, how it plans to offer charging stations outside of urban environments. And now, Rivian has revealed another bit of …

An image of a Tesla Model Y out on a race track.
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Tesla Using In-Car Cameras In Legal Crash Disputes

With Level 2 driver-assistance systems comes a ”cabin camera” with a watchful eye on the driver. It monitors the driver’s face to record drowsy driving or the driver’s eyes being distracted. And it is important for the system to monitor the driver. There are situations that driver-assist can’t compute. In those cases, it will regularly …

Bolivian lithium mines
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Did Tesla Start Bolivia’s Coup in 2019?

This is a strange one, even for Tesla founder Elon Musk. Back in 2019 the President of Bolivia Evo Morales was ousted in a coup. Now, current President Luis Arce is accusing Musk of being involved in the coup. Arce thanked Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for granting asylum to Morales in a press …

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, smiling and wearing a black moto jacket, arrives at the Axel Springer Award ceremony in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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People Buy Tesla EVs Despite Elon Musk, Survey Says

Elon Musk is a polarizing figure in the automotive industry. But could the Tesla CEO’s bold personality affect whether consumers buy the brand’s electric vehicles? A new study shows why people purchase Tesla EVs. And the answer might surprise you. A survey of Tesla EV drivers A survey from the market research firm Escalent asked …

Elon Musk and some Tesla employees ring the bell at the stock exchange
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You Can Get a Federal Rebate Incentive on a Used Tesla?

Federal rebate incentives are designed to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles anywhere in the United States. The word rebate in itself makes consumers a bit more eager to purchase any car, and electric vehicles aren’t an exception. As electric vehicles grow in popularity, the knowledge of these incentives becomes more and more popular, but …

An illuminated Tesla sign seen from outside
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Where Should You Look to Buy a Used Tesla?

Tesla does, in fact, sell used models without using or needing third-party used-car dealerships. In fact, if you stop to think about it, you aren’t very likely to see a Tesla sitting on any used car lot, and after a quick drive around town past over a dozen small lots, there wasn’t a single one. …