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We are constantly being teased by new truck concepts and rumors, but the Volkswagen ID. Buzz truck is a concept that really stands out. Several variants of the unique Volkswagen ID. Buzz are in the works, and the pickup truck is the most attractive idea so far. 

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz truck needs to happen 

Volkswagen ID. Buzz pickup truck concept
Volkswagen ID. Buzz pickup truck concept | Volkswagen

If you’ve always wanted a Volkswagen van, then it’s not too late. The 2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz is on the way. The van maintains its classic peace and love vibes while going electric with a futuristic design. 

However, something seems to be missing, and Volkswagen is working on that with serval variants in the works to spirit the bus’s original aura. Perhaps a truck bed is a missing key to success. 

Volkswagen Group Design Boss Klaus Zyciora shared a rendering of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz truck on his Instagram account looks incredible compared to the regular van. 

What to expect with the VW ID. Buzz pickup truck

Unfortunately, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz truck hasn’t been officially confirmed. However, it’s too early to count it out. Bu sharing renderings of the truck, Volkswagen could be trying to gauge how fans would react to the concept. 

If people like the truck, Volkswagen might make it happen. Also, if it doesn’t gather much attention, then our dreams could be destroyed. 

Volkswagen recently shared that it’s a great idea to provide an electric pickup truck for the United States market. The Volkswagen Amarok has a lot in common with the 2023 Ford Ranger making it easy to share parts. 

Plus, Ford CEO, Jim Farley, shared that the Ford Ranger EV is probably the next electric truck on the way. So, it seems like the VW Amarok could easily go electric too. 

However, Volkswagen may want to offer something unique to better compete against rivals. This is where the VW.ID comes in with a different look and possibly different powertrain options. 

The Buzz truck rendering shows a set of smaller rear doors, and the cab was chopped right behind the rear seats. The cargo box has plenty of room and includes an integrated step in the quarter panel for easy access. 

When will we learn more about ID. Buzz models? 

2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz all-electric van with a yellow and white color option driving down a highway with a sunset
2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz | Volkswagen of America, Inc. Newspress Limited

More information about the potential Volkswagen ID. Buzz truck and other variations could emerge any day now. Hopefully, the van will arrive by the end of 2023, which feels pretty far away. 

According to Auto Blog, four Buzz models have been confirmed, including passenger and cargo hauling options. We’ve also seen a long-wheelbase version and the ID.California could be a factory-built camper. 

VW vans like the T1 that debuted in 1949 and the T6 that’s currently in production have been transformed into pickup trucks. The Tristar concept in 2014 explored VW’s van-based pickup truck history while celebrating the first Syncro concept’s 30th anniversary too. 

So there is a history of VW van-based trucks, and we want to keep the momentum going. Hopefully, the ID. Buzz truck becomes a reality. We will keep an eye out for updates. Until then, we wonder if the ID. Buzz will rival the Canoo van. 


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