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People looking for the best used sports sedans should consider the Genesis G70. Not only does it offer solid performance and luxury-level features, but buyers can get a used Genesis G70 for the price of much more affordable vehicles such as the Toyota Corolla. This model also competes with the used BMW 3 Series. In particular, the 2019 Genesis G70 is a solid choice for used car buyers.

The 2019 Genesis G70 is one of the best used sedans for performance

Buying a used Genesis G70 could be a solid automotive decision for people looking for one of the best sedans for performance. In particular, the 2019 G70 is a stand-out model that is about as affordable as a brand new Toyota Corolla. In fact, you may be able to find even cheaper options.

The Genesis G70 is one of the best sedans
2024 G70 | Genesis

According to Edmunds, the base engine for the G70 is a turbocharged 2.0-liter with a maximum output of 252 horsepower and a torque of 260 lb-ft. However, those who crave more power can go for the turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 that makes 365 horsepower and has a torque of 376 lb-ft. This is a rear-wheel drive car that used buyers can get with either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic.

Naturally, used Genesis G70 models are fast cars, and this model accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 4.5 seconds. The 2.0-liter engine will get drivers up to speed in under six seconds. For comparison, the used BMW 3 Series needs at least 5.4 seconds for the feat. Of course, the Toyota Corolla isn’t even in the race.

It has a luxurious interior

The great thing about buying a used Genesis G70 is that you get luxurious features for a price closer to what a new Toyota Corolla costs. Luckily, this is also one of the best sedans for space. However, the backset isn’t the roomiest on the market. Like the used BMW 3 Series, this model has room for about five people.

Regarding interior technology, the 2019 G70 has an eight-inch touchscreen and lacks a physical knob. This isn’t the most advanced infotainment screen, but it offers all the capabilities most people need. Of course, it supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Used buyers will also like that the G70 has ample trunk space, which makes it a solid option for road trips.

Overall, the 2019 Genesis G70 and other used models could be solid options for people looking for a top-notch sports sedan. It’s easily more exciting than the Toyota Corolla despite being a few years old.