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As you may have quickly guessed, this vintage Chevy C20 camper truck is a custom job. If there was a time when Chevrolet sold factory flamethrower cow skull options, I missed it. However silly all this may sound out of context, this incredibly cool vintage camper truck was recently listed on Bring a Trailer, complete with the ultimate campfire starter. 

What is a Chevy C20 Longhorn? 

According to our friends at Silodrome, the Chevy C20 Longhorn was a factory special model. The Longhorn version gave the Chevy C20 an extra six inches of wheelbase and bed. The Longhorn trim was made to cater to folks needing better towing stability, whether ranchers (hence the name) or the growing camper trend of the day. 

Unlike the more common C10s or regular C20s, the Chevy C20 Longhorn had some beefy power options culminating with the 402 cubic-inch V8. This extra grunt was welcomed because the long bed accommodates a bolt-on camper shell, like the charming vintage Franklin camper we see here. However, this example has a 396 cubic inch L66 V8 but with the towing-specific camshaft. Even if this model weren’t obscure, it would still be valuable these days, given the boom of vintage pickup truck prices.

Does your camper truck even have a flamethrower? 

Campers breaking 'Leave no Trace' principles and rules with illegal camping in Holcomb Valley, California
Campers confronted by forest protection officer | Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Despite the intended use of this special option, seeing a C20 Longhorn with a Franklin camper mounted is pretty rare these days. Of course, the demon cow skull in the room needs mentioning. 

The seller gives no reasoning for why this triple flamethrower system was added, but honestly, do we need a reason? I mean, Hell, at this point, who wouldn’t have felt just a touch more secure over the past few years if your camper had a flamethrower on it? 

The Chevy C20 Longhorn and the Franklin camper were beautifully restored. Restoration started with replacing the cab for this full, ground-up restoration. The interior of the truck is classic late 60s pickup truck. It’s finished in a mix of sky blue and cream across the interior. The camper’s cabin is also restored tastefully in a subtle but direct late-60s vibe. From the green curtains to the Formica table, everything about this camper truck screams late 60s Americana. 

Although it looks pretty factory on the surface, you may notice a couple of tiny red buttons on the four-speed manual gear shifter. Yep, you guessed it, flamethrower buttons. Not only does the demon-eyed cow skull shoot a torrent of flame in front of the truck, but the tailpipes are also connected to the propane jets. 

Is this the ultimate camper? 

Longhorn cow skull mounted to the front of a GMC
Longhorn skull | MARK FELIX/AFP /AFP via Getty Images

I know we (automotive journalists) assert this idea of something being the “ultimate camper” about 45 times a day. However, after the last few years, campers are more popular than John Lennon. More customer fabricators are building campers than ever before. Given the taste of the time, luxury and excess rule the scene. But if only one camper truck has to be the “best,” only one camper has to be the “coolest” camper truck, then why wouldn’t we just let the one with a flamethrowing cow skull take the crown? I certainly won’t argue against it with the camper present. 

This bizarre and objectively cool camper truck is currently for sale on Bring a Trailer. The bid is currently at $35,000 with three days to go. Find photos and more details about the camper here. 


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