The New Bowlus Terra Firma Camper Is More Airstream Than Airstream

The campers just keep coming. I think in 50 years, these few years will be known as the camper age. Since COVID and the total mess that we call modern politics, many people have chosen to bug out and get into the woods for a bit of peace. While there are countless options from camper van conversions to full-blown Class-A RVs, there is still the tried and true tow-behind trailers. The coolest of these has always been the Airstream, but now Bowlus has shown up with its Terra Firma. 

Has Airstream been dethroned by Bowlus?

Car and Driver report that the lux camper builder Bowlus has released their newest Airstream killer, the Terra Firma. This marks the fanciest model the crew has made to date. The Terra Firma is a 26-foot-long camper trailer that looks more like Flash Gordon than Paul Bunyan. 

The massive polished chrome bullet clearly takes many of its cues from Airstream. Unlike the like American icon, the Terra Firma really shows off with its flashy chrome shine and boat-like tail. 

The Bowlus Terra Firma is the definition of high-class camping

If the shiny exterior doesn’t tip you off to what the interior might look like, let me help you out. According to Car and Driver, all the designer faucets have carbon filters to deliver better-tasting and safer water in the kitchen and bathroom. Bowlus also made it hyper COVID safe by installing HEPA air filters and built-in UVC lighting, helping reduce bacteria and other harmful pollutants. All controls come in the form of high-tech touchscreen interfaces throughout the cabin. Like Airstream, all systems can also be controlled through your phone. 

The new Bowlus Terra Firma is the most high-lux camper in the game, but does it rival Airstream?
The new Bowlus Terra Firma | Bowlus

The Terra Firma is really too nice to take camping

Imagine how you tend to look after a day of hiking, camping, climbing, fishing, hunting, or any other such outdoor activity. Now imagine returning from any said activity and going into your camper that is upholstered with linens of various light-colored shades. Now imagine not only you but also your pets. 

The new Bowlus Terra Firma camper | Bowlus
The new Bowlus Terra Firma | Bowlus

Airstream May Look Retro But That’s Only a Disguise

The Terra Firma was designed for pet-friendly travel. It can be outfitted with built-in feeding and watering bowls and a designated spot for your animal friend to sleep. I can only imagine how quickly such a light-colored luxury trailer would start to show the effects of life in the woods. 

This lux camper can stay off the grid for a while

As the want/need for socially distanced vacations becomes even more pressing, so does the need for people to stay longer out in the wilder places. Well, the Terra Firma is here to help with that. This boat-tailed torpedo comes packed with a large lithium iron phosphate battery pack that can keep you, your family, and the furry friends cozy and comfortable with a week’s worth of power. 

Although these days, there are nearly endless options of pricy campers, none quite hit this level of up-town fashion and style. It is a silly thing, honestly, but I have to admit, it is beautiful. 

All this beauty won’t come cheap

The Terra Firma has a list of customizable features that reads more like Moby Dick than a pamphlet of color and stove options. No, these campers are more bespoke than they are something you buy off the showroom floor. Frankly, they better be for the staggering price of $265,000. I’m sure if you worked at it, it could climb well past that price. For reference, the most expensive Airstream trailer is only around $160,000. This is still a serious pile of cash, but nowhere near the shiny version.