The Mercedes-Benz Metris Weekender Is the Marco Polo Camper Van’s Poor Cousin

Living the van life is a rite of passage for travelers filled with wanderlust and a sense of adventure. And for those looking to explore in comfort and style, Mercedes-Benz is redefining the camper van.

Available for the first time in the United States, the Metris Weekender exemplifies high-end camping. Backed by the iconic nameplate, this camper van offers unsurpassed comfort and reliability.

Mercedes-Benz took inspiration for the new design from its extravagant Marco Polo pop-up camper, available only overseas. Though the Metris Weekender may not be up to par with its luxurious counterpart, it still does a decent job representing the brand, even if it is the Marco Polo’s poor cousin.

Why Mercedes-Benz doesn’t sell the Marco Polo camper van in the U.S.

The Metris Weekender is the first factory-backed camper van from Mercedes-Benz now available in the United States. Although based on the luxurious V-Class Marco Polo, the Metris Weekender doesn’t offer all the European model’s bells and whistles. However, it’s a welcome addition to the American market.

Mercedes-Benz determined it wasn’t cost-effective to import pieces from the Marco Polo camper van to the States. Instead, the manufacturer chose to assemble the Metris Weekender at its South Carolina plant.

Once built, each vehicle is sent to nearby Driverge Vehicle Innovations for further retrofitting. Together with Peace Vans, an RV outfitter, the two companies create the Mercedes-Benz Metris Weekender.

In an interview with MotorTrend, the president of Peace Vans, Harley Sitner, said, “Driverge Vehicle Innovations installs the spring-loaded pop-up roof, swivel chairs, rear-seat rail system, and other associated bits to bring the Metris-based camper up to the specs of Seattle, Washington-based Peace Vans’ Weekender conversion kit.”

How the Metris Weekender compares to the Marco Polo camper van

The Marco Polo stands out among the competition. Built for the “style-conscious adventurer,” Mercedes-Benz says, the camper van makes an impressive statement on the road. Its impeccable design and unique use of space make this all-around camper van suitable for everyday use. 

By comparison, the all-new 2021 Metris Weekender isn’t quite as glitzy as the Marco Polo. With sleeping space for four adults, the camper van offers rear bench seats that fold into a bed and boast three adjustable positions to allow for cargo space. The electronic pop-up rooftop bed is easy to set up and provides comfortable sleeping quarters. A detachable table connects to the rear seats and can pivot to the van’s exterior for convenient usage. And dual sliders create a breezy open-air environment any time of year.

Though not as luxurious as its fancier cousin, the Metris Weekender camper van is a great choice for consumers wanting an RV with the Mercedes badge.

The Marco Polo’s uncompromising luxury


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The Metris Weekender offers the unsurpassed quality that consumers expect from Mercedes-Benz. They and industry analysts are so impressed with the new camper van that it’s garnering more attention than a Ferrari. Driverge Vehicle Innovation and Peace Vans’ involvement also adds superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

And according to Top Gear, Mercedes is now offering alternatives to the VW California. That’s no surprise, considering Mercedes-Benz bought the Westfalia camping conversion division in 1999.

But the Marco Polo is even more luxurious. It comfortably accommodates four passengers with a rear bench seat that converts to a bed. A pop-up roof offers additional sleeping for two more adult-sized occupants. And upscale amenities include a camper-sized sink, refrigerator, and stove. Plus, plenty of built-in cabinets provide ample room for storage.

The interior layout takes advantage of every available open space. And upscale features include tinted windows, yacht-style wood flooring, and chrome finishing throughout. The Marco Polo camper van offers the perfect environment for travelers looking for a mobile office to take care of business from the road or for people looking to get away for the weekend.