The EarthCruiser Terranova Is the Truck You Need

The EarthCruiser Terranova truck camper is the perfect home away from home. Full off-grid living capability and off-road prowess make it easy to imagine myself in one with the family in tow, off on some wild adventure down the Pan-American highway. In fact, it’s really the truck and off-road RV everyone needs––even if they don’t know it yet.

rear view of the EC Terranova truck camper rendering
EarthCruiser Terranova Expedition rendering | EarthCruiser

If you’re a little loyal to one particular brand––or even just prefer the way one looks over another––that’s fine. The EarthCruiser Terranova truck camper comes built over a selection of domestic truck chassis from the heavy duty pickup truck segment. In an interview with EarthCruiser engineer Austin Steimer and general manager Chad Knight, we talked about how great this option is for consumers.

With the choice between these three different truck chassis, EarthCruiser sets itself apart. So, by honoring the space for clients to personalize their EarthCruiser Terranova truck camper, the client gets more say in how their new motorhome is built. Additionally, it’s an off-road truck RV that implements a blend between a domestic truck chassis with the specialized off-road suspension that the EarthCruiser engineers.

EarthCruiser Terranova performance

The EarthCruiser Terranova is designed for superior performance. A lighter house built over the domestic truck chassis of a heavy duty pickup truck. This design increases performance. For example, the lighter build makes it easier for daily driving functions like highway passing. Due to the fact that the Terranova is designed with adventure in mind, the team made sure it’s rated to tow boats and trailers.

EC terranova
EC Terranova Expedition | EarthCruiser

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The exterior uses materials akin to those used for a racing yacht. The hard outer shell is paired with a foam core composite construction. This gives the off-road RV Terranova truck camper the ability to keep out the elements and maintain the interior temperature. However, the standard screens on the acrylic windows allow you to let nature in should you so decide. For me, it’s little options like this that make the EarthCruiser Terranova so compelling.

EarthCruiser experience

The EarthCruiser team has experience both with building off-road homes as well as with actually taking them overland. All of the experience that the team has cultivated as a whole goes into the design of the all-new EarthCruiser Terranova truck camper. Overlanding has its inevitable ups and downs––that’s part of the adventure. However, the team at EC is devoted to producing vehicles that help make trips as seamless as possible. From navigating brutal terrain and extreme climates to crossing borders, the EC line of off-road RV products is built with it all in mind.

“Every EarthCruiser product is designed, developed and hand built, by a team of enthusiasts that bring years of true overlanding experience to every inch of product construction.”


Global capability

From the Mongolian steppe to the jungles of Borneo, these vehicles have been put to the test. The birthplace of EarthCruiser is the Australian outback––one of the harshest environments on earth. So, all the time spent actually overlanding in these off-road RVs influences every detail of each build.

There are even manual overrides for all of the new technology in the Terranova should something go wrong and you have to push through to your next service stop. The team thought of everything. Now I just want to put one to the test, too. Everyone probably needs one of these insane overlanding off-road RVs. Head to the EarthCruiser website to explore further or reserve one now.