Living Large in This Incredible School Bus Tiny Home RV

If you’ve ever thought of living off the grid or traveling the country in a motorhome, tiny house, camper or RV is the ideal lifestyle, this bus is the stuff of dreams. However, it’s not only aesthetically pleasing both interior and exterior. The bus also fully functions as a tiny home. You can live large in a school bus tiny home RV like this one.

Michael Fuehrer spent six months working on this bus. Now, it’s a place to call home––and it can go where you want will completely off-grid capability. The bus has facilitated friendships and community for Fuehrer, and that even the breakdowns have been a big part of the fun and adventure of be-wheeled tiny home living in a school bus RV conversion.

He built it with his dad

In the YouTube video, Fuerher mentions that the entire build was done with the help of friends and family. The help of his dad proved especially invaluable. From the tongue and groove white cedar interior finish to the custom-built areas like corner cabinets or over the sink enclosed shelving, Fuerher’s dad was an integral part of the build.

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The interior is spacious and open, the ceiling is cutout with plexiglass skylights for an amazing amount of natural light. The windows are accented by gauzy white curtains and black homemade industrial lighting fixtures. The exterior paint job matches the lovely green interior cabinets. The entire school bus tiny home RV pleases the artistic eye for composition. However, it also provides a fully livable space. After looking at this build, almost anyone would want to live in a school bus RV conversion.

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This school bus RV conversion offers living space for the entire crew

All of the bus’s old seating was removed. the entire undercarriage of the bus was restored, including rusted out wheel wells. Thoughtful storage, functional plumbing, and solar electricity are all part of what make this school bus tiny home RV so livable and appealing. Each detail we see in the video, helps us appreciate just how much work must have gone into the painstaking detail of creating this incredible school bus RV conversion.

There is as much space as an apartment, but this one has a driver’s seat up front. Three couches fold out into a massive bed space, and a large table provides dining accommodations for a large party. In fact, there’s also a pullout table attached the exterior for when the weather’s nice.

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Living large

A full-sized kitchen boasts durable countertops with a wood finish and a house-sized over and stovetop. There is a refrigerator snugged into builtins that adorn the hallway to the bathroom. There is a “garage” space out back with exterior access which houses the solar hookups and utilities. Additionally, we see storage in nearly every nook and cranny of the school bus RV conversion. There are even specially built shelves built over the awkward wheel-well space, due to the fact that space is compromised.

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There’s a furnace and A/C plus a surround sound system with all the hookups you’d need for entertainment. A composting toilet and fully tiled shower give the bus upscale tiny home RV accommodations. The entire school bus tiny home RV can go remote and still provide hot water with a water heater that runs on propane. The stove also works on propane. Everything else is fully operable with solar power. But, the entire system can plug into an RV hookup if, for instance, you find a nice, developed space to park.

Rooftop deck on the tiny home

To top it off, the build includes an 8×10 foot rooftop deck. Fuehrer’s school bus tiny home RV conversion is the ultimate hang out space. In fact, after seeing the roof space you see that he thought of pretty much everything.

He now runs Navigation Nowhere, inspired by the time spent building and living in his first tiny home school bus build. The YouTube channel features videos of many camper conversion builds. If you want to see some more go check out the channel.