An EarthCruiser overland build with the roof popped up
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EarthCruiser Solved the Overland Cracked Eggs Problem

Overlanding is a big adventure. There are borders to cross and markets to explore. Sometimes, there are favorite places to return to. Other times you there will be day after day of waking up in a place you’ve never been before. But there are logistical overlanding problems that require solutions, as well––that’s part of the …

EarthCruiser TerraNova Expedition camper RV rendering
Marine & RVs

The EarthCruiser Terranova Is the Truck You Need

The EarthCruiser Terranova truck camper is the perfect home away from home. Full off-grid living capability and off-road prowess make it easy to imagine myself in one with the family in tow, off on some wild adventure down the Pan-American highway. In fact, it’s really the truck and off-road RV everyone needs––even if they don’t …

EC terranova
Marine & RVs

The EarthCruiser Terranova Is a ‘Sprinter Van Killer’

The team at EarthCruiser is talented and passionate about overland adventures. I had the privilege of speaking with three of the individuals behind the production of the epic EarthCruiser line. With the release of the all-new EarthCruiser Terranova Expedition camper, there are of course some questions. However, over the course of the conversation, I learned …