The Airstream Classic Smart Trailer Might Be the Best Camping RV

 Recently the folks at Travel + Leisure put together a list of the 10 best travel trailers for those who enjoy camping and road trip adventures. Campers and RVs are trending right now. There are a lot of choices on their list for all types of travelers and families. One is the Airstream Classic Smart Trailer, which uses a new smart control technology that allows you to monitor and manage important features from anywhere.

Where did the Airstream Classic Smart Trailer rank on the list? What did the Travel + Leisure think of the innovative trailer?

How each trailer made the list

There’s a lot to choose from when shopping for trailers, RVs, and airstreams. With so many sizes, brands, and features to choose from, how do consumers know where to start?

The team at Travel + Leisure spoke with the vice president of RV Trader when assembling their list. Paige Bouma traveled in an RV with her family over the years, and in some years, they’ve spent as many as 30 weekends on the road. It’s safe to say Bouma knows a thing or two about RVs.

RVs and travel trailers are perfect for camping, according to Bouma, who pointed out there are a lot of options to consider for trailers that can be towed by the family car, SUV, or truck. She explained different weights and lengths and a slew of amenities and sleeping capacities for whatever size, family, or group you’re taking camping. With Bouma’s advice, they put together a list of great travel trailers.

The top of the list

First on the list is the Airstream Classic Smart Trailer. According to the Travel + Leisure list, it’s one of the best airstream campers on the market. They describe it as advanced, roomy, and luxurious. 

It’s a new take on Airstream’s Classic Travel Trailer. The extra space and upscale accommodations make it ideal for long road trips. Its features may make you want to travel often. It’s filled with innovative features like handmade cabinets and a heated bathroom. 

The review also mentions the smart-control technology integrated into the trailer and all the dynamic features that go with it. With an easy-to-use app on your phone, you can adjust the awning, air conditioning, lighting, and more. 

The Airstream Classic Smart Trailer

The Airstream Classic Smart Trailer is ideal for long trips or even living in if you wish. It’s loaded with all the great comfort features you would want and some you didn’t know you needed. There are many reasons it was at the top of the Travel + Leisure list. 

Between 30 and 33 feet long, the trailer sleeps up to five people and is available with four different floor plans. It offers a dedicated bathroom, bedroom, cooking, dining, and lounging in true upscale style. It also has an abundance of storage space with big cabinets, vanity space, and large wardrobes. Don’t stress over what to leave behind. With this trailer, you can bring all of it with you.

The kitchen is a lot like the one back home. You get a convection microwave, hood, oven, stove, and freezer/refrigerator combo. The kitchen is attractive and easy to clean, using stainless steel and granite countertops.

With its new smart-control technology, you can control many functions of the Airstream Classic Smart Trailer on your phone even when you’re nowhere near it. You can turn on both exterior and interior lights remotely for your safety when returning at night. You can also tuck in the awning if the weather changes, and you can’t make it back fast enough.

Adjust the temperature in your trailer from wherever you are, so it’s perfect when you return for you and all your fellow travelers. You can also set up alerts, monitor the battery, and even locate your RV quickly and easily with this great new technology. You can control several settings in your Airstream Classic Smart Trailer using a smart control app available from Apple and Google Play stores. 

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