Airstream Launches the 2021 Basecamp 20 and 20x Travel Trailers

The Basecamp travel trailer has been one of the strongest sellers Airstream has. But demand remains strong for Airstream. That is why the company decided to make a larger Basecamp model with some attention paid to customer-requested items and features. So, Airstream has introduced two new larger Basecamp models. 

The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer is pulled behind a red Toyota pickup.
The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer | Airstream

Airstream’s original Basecamp model

The Basecamp is not a typical travel trailer. For starters, it is oddly shaped. But, Airstream customers are not turned off by that because the company has a history of providing a higher-end feeling experience for its customers. Their trailers seem more upscale as a whole. The original 16-foot Basecamp is no different.

The Airstream Basecamp 20

The Basecamp 20 is the newest model addition to the Airstream family. It offers additional space by being longer, wider, and taller than the original. It weighs in at 3,400 pounds and has a max capacity of 4,300 pounds. 

The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer is parked by a campfire.
The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer | Airstream

The Airstream Basecamp 20x

The Basecam 20x offers a few more things to make it a better haul for overlanding experiences. For starters, this trailer is built upon a three-inch higher base. This allows for more ground clearance over obstacles. Also, more aggressive tires have been fitted to the 20x model. On the trailer, stainless steel front racks are used, solar guards are provided, and dual steps are mounted to allow for easier entry into the raised trailer. 

Both Airstream Basecamp models

Both of the new Basecamp models are intended for families that want the modern comforts, and a rugged travel trailer that is capable of adventure. To that end, a shroud for two 20 pound liquid propane tanks is available, an external solar port to plug a solar unit in, four heavy-duty stabilization jacks, an external shower, and skid protectors protect the floor of the trailer, are all part of external offerings that Airstream makes available. All of this comes across as a trailer that is pretty adept at handling the outdoor rigors of the trail and life. 

The interior of the trailers

When a customer enters the trailer, they are greeted by panoramic windows immediately by the door and an airy feeling six-foot seven-inch ceiling height. The windows shower a half-moon seating area at the front with plenty of natural light. The seating area also converts to a bed. When it comes time to eat, a cooktop and sink sit on top of counter storage. A microwave also is available for the galley and there is a 4.3 cubic inch refrigerator. 

Other features of Airstream’s Basecamp 20 and 20x include an interior wet bath, optional HVAC 11,500 BTU, cabin heater than can be split between tank heaters and the cabin, or both, an optional solar controller with two 90 watt solar panels, and a tankless water heater. A separate seating area is available toward the back of the trailer. It has two tables that can be removed to prepare the rear seating area into a sleeping area for two people. 


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The Basecamp 20 and 20x pricing

The Basecamp 20 has a starting suggested retail price of $45,900. The lifted Basecamp 20x has a starting price of $48,900. According to Airstream’s website, the original Basecamp 16 is still available as well with a starting price of $38,400.

The great outdoors is a calling that many campers, off-roaders, and overlanders can not resist. A travel trailer often comes along on the excursions to provide some comfort once the perfect campsite is found. Airstream seems to have found a honeypot with the Basecamp 20 and 20x travel trailers that speaks directly to those that are not afraid to go off the beaten path. Even the interiors are spacey and provide a lot of light. That’s just what is needed when one wants to leave the confines of the claustrophobic city and stressful calendar appointments.