The 2021 Genesis GV80 Has Almost No Drawbacks

Manufacturers are pumping out new SUVs almost constantly. It happens so often that it’s difficult even to get excited about new releases. However, almost no new SUV has garnered so much attention and praise as the Genesis GV80. Genesis the luxury arm of one of the largest carmakers in the world, Hyundai.

Car and Driver recently reviewed the GV80 and gave it a near-perfect score, finding little to no drawbacks. They’re not alone either. During Motor1‘s testing of the luxury SUV, the reviewer noted no major shortcomings.

The Genesis GV80 has Bentayga looks without the steep price

It is almost impossible to design a car that looks like nothing else. In the case of the Genesis GV80, it just so happens to look mostly like a Bentley Bentayga. While the hand-made Bentley carries a base price of around $180,000, the GV80 starts at $48,900.

A photo of the Genesis GV80 on the road.
Genesis GV80 | Genesis

That said, the Genesis has a split headlight and taillight design that gives it a unique look. Aggressive lines start with the front hood and carry down its sides, creating a wider looking rear wheel arch. The GV80 manages to look sharp and classy without being overstated; something few SUVs can pull off.

The GV80 is more than pure looks too. Powering the GV80 is a choice of two engines. The first is a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine developing 300 hp and 311 lb-ft of torque. The more powerful option is a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 developing 375 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque. Both engines come standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

A photo of the Genesis GV80 on the road.
Genesis GV80 | Genesis

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Both Car and Driver and Motor1 note that even the base engine delivers smooth performance. Motor1 specifically noticed that even at higher speeds, the four-cylinder variant remains decently powerful. The larger engine performed even better, allowing the GV80 to feel quick from a standstill but smooth at speed.

The interior is a sea of soft leather and innovative tech

Nothing ruins a luxury product quicker than a low-quality interior. Thankfully, both Car and Driver and Motor1 agree that the Genesis GV80’s interior exceeds expectations.

Genesis GV80 interior front
Genesis GV80 interior front | Genesis

The Genesis GV80 utilizes a floating dashboard design with a 14.5-inch display. Aside from being massive and high-resolution, the included navigation system employs augmented reality to mark directions on the road itself. According to Motor1, higher trim levels of the SUV include Road Active Noise Cancellation. The result is that the cabin feels incredibly quiet and refined.

Apparently, the front seats aren’t too shabby either, with Motor1 noting that the adjustable seats are incredibly comfortable. Across the interior, you’ll find quilted leather, which not only provides a bit of extra padding for the seats, it also creates an elegant aesthetic.

The only real interior drawback Motor1 noticed was the less than perfect 3D digital cluster, which lagged significantly and lowered the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster’s overall resolution.

It’s even reasonably priced for a luxury SUV

While the Genesis GV80 is by no means cheap, it severely undercuts its competition. As mentioned before, the GV80 Standard 2.5T has a starting price of $48,900. As Motor1 noted, the low base price undercuts an equivalent Audi or BMW by about $7,000. All-wheel drive is available, but it does drive the price up by $5,700.

A photo of the Genesis GV80 on the road.
Genesis GV80 | Genesis

The V6 engine is only available with all-wheel drive, and as a result, an equivalent base GV80 with the larger engine costs $59,150. While there are almost infinite trim combinations, the most expensive trim is the 3.5T AWD Prestige, which costs a hair over $70,000.

As the reviews noted, the GV80’s greatest assets come as standard thanks to the great design, powerful engines, and excellent interior quality. It seems as though no matter which GV80 you decide to buy, it will most likely impress.