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The 2012 Honda Fit is one of the best used cars on the market. U.S. News ranked it number one in its list of pre-owned hatchbacks. What do buyers need to know before buying a used Fit?

One of the best used cars, the 2012 Honda Fit hatchback, in red and green on display
2012 Honda Fit | Ed Jones/AFP via Getty Images

The 2012 Honda Fit is recommended to used hatchback shoppers

U.S. News is impressed with this Honda Fit as it topped their best used hatchbacks and 5 other categories. Consumer Reports recommended the 2012 Fit and gave it a five out of five score in reliability. The Fit also scored “great” JD Power and Associates for reliability.

Unlike most cars its age, the Honda Fit has no NHTSA complaints on file. This model is subject to 11 active recalls. Some of these address serious safety concerns with malfunctioning airbags which could lead to serious injury. Used car shoppers should inquire about the car’s recall repair history. A Vin search with the manufacturer will determine if a vehicle was affected or not

How much does the Honda Fit cost to maintain?

A closeup of the bumper of a green 2012 Honda Fit, one of the best used cars
2012 Honda Fit bumper | Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Honda owners enjoy a low cost of ownership. The Fit combines excellent fuel economy with top reliability ratings. Saving at the pump and the repair shop adds up to a great investment. Fit owners spend less on annual maintenance than most compact drivers.

With a combined EPA fuel economy rating of 31 mpg, The Honda Fit does not cost much to keep on the road. The total cost of maintenance insurance and fuel should always be considered when purchasing a used car. Saving a little bit upfront on the price tag can’t compensate for shelling out on massive repairs down the road.

How comfortable is the 2012 Honda Fit?

Interior of the 2012 Honda Fit, one of the best used cars
2012 Honda Fit interior | Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Reviewers raved about the 2012 Fit’s smooth ride. The cabin is laid out well and appointed with attractive and well-designed controls. Praise for the interior is mixed with a few pain points as well. The seats were specifically mentioned as being uncomfortable. The 2012 Fit is a noisy ride. The turbocharged version of the Honda Fit offers a much quieter ride for those concerned with cabin noise.

Owners love the cargo space offered by the hatchback. With the rear seats folded down, the hatchback can hold an impressive amount of cargo. The rear seats offer several folding options and configurations to optimize interior storage space. Its rear access is easy to use, making this a practical choice.

Does this hatchback have good resale value?

For many used hatchback buyers, resale value is a major concern. Cars from reliable brands typically hold higher resale values than those that don’t. Honda’s legendary reputation for dependability means that demand for used Honda’s stays consistent.

J.D. Power and Associates rated the 2012 Honda Fit as having excellent resale value. For used hatchback shoppers who may consider selling their vehicle in the future, a Fit is a great option. By carefully maintaining the maintenance schedule and being careful to avoid minor damage and imperfections, Honda Fit owners stand a good chance of making back part of their investment.


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