The 2020 Honda Fit Is the Most Reliable Subcompact Car You Can’t Get Next Year

When automakers decide to retire one of their vehicle models, it doesn’t necessarily mean the car itself is terrible. And when they do, it means car buyers can usually tap into some huge savings in snatching up those soon-to-be discontinued rides. There are a handful of vehicles, from various automakers, that won’t be returning to the market in 2021. One of the cars on this list is the Honda Fit, and it happens to be the most reliable subcompact car you won’t be able to get next year.

But despite having to say goodbye to the Honda Fit in 2021, you could still get a 2020 model for yourself, and it’s definitely worth a look.

The latest news about the Honda Fit

Honda announced it would be dropping the Honda Fit hatchback from the U.S. portfolio after this year, according to Car and Driver. There is a new batch of the Honda Fit models coming available for 2021, but it won’t be sold here in the U.S. Honda intends to ramp up production of its popular HR-V subcompact crossover as a way to fill the void left behind by the Fit. After this year, Honda subcompact car fans will have to choose between the Civic and HR-V.

It’s not the only car on the Consumer Reports discontinued list

Consumer Reports put together a farewell list of vehicles that won’t be available next year. But this list plucked the most reliable rides based on Consumer Reports data and member surveys. These vehicles are all considered to have above-average reliability and recommendations. A few of the models that made this discontinued roster in addition to the Honda Fit include the 2020 Chevrolet Impala, the 2020 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, the 2020 Lexus GS, Lincoln’s Continental and MKZ models, and the 2020 Honda Fit.

Why the Honda Fit is worth a look

Consumer Reports points out that the Honda Fit has always been a top contender as an urban runabout ride. It’s a hatchback car that seems to think it’s a small SUV. It earns a 33 mpg overall and offers responsive handling. The EX trim variation of the Fit comes with a robust menu of standard equipment and offers paddle shifters, sunroof, heated leather seats, and plenty of driver assistance features.

There aren’t huge savings right now on the remaining 2020 Honda Fit models, but that’s OK. Since the starting price tag for one of these is only $16,990, it’s a pretty affordable buy.

A reliable subcompact car you’ll be hard-pressed to find


The HR-V Can’t Fill the Void the Honda Fit Left

Not only did the 2020 Honda Fit test well with Consumer Reports, but it’s proven to be a reliable subcompact car in other review circles as well. It was first introduced here in the states back in 2007. And it came out of the starting gate with several Car and Driver 10Best awards for its efficient use of space and personality-packed driving dynamics. Edmunds says it has bragging rights with its extensive menu of safety and infotainment features. And the creative configuration of the rear seats makes for incredible cargo capacity, considering its subcompact car stature.

Don’t let the news of the 2020 Honda Fit being discontinued sway you from buying it. Ultimately, it’s a top-notch choice if tech, cargo, and fuel efficiency are important. But it’s also fun to drive, and as Consumer Reports points out, it has above-average reliability. Since the 2020 Honda Fit is the last here in the U.S., buying one means finding whatever dealerships have left in their inventories. Scoop one up while you still can and before we all bid a fond farewell to this Honda subcompact hatchback.