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It’s a camper. No, it’s a micro home. Well, actually, it’s the Tesla Cybertruck that’s back with more adventurous camping accessories. The Tesla Cybertruck can quickly be transformed into a solar-powered micro-home 

The Tesla Cybertruck can be paired with the new Form Camper

The Tesla Cybertruck with a Form Camper
Tesla Cybertruck Form Camper | Telse

The Tesla Cybertruck Form Camper seeks to make adventuring easier and more luxurious for this futuristic truck. Other aftermarket products might not fit the Cybertruck because it’s pretty far from the norm. 

However, the Form Cybertruck Camper can accommodate the Cybertruck’s angled rails. It’s an expandable truck bed camper that transforms the truck into a small living space. It provides a compact kitchen, dinette, bench, and bathroom. 

Once it’s expanded you can access up to 71 square feet of floor space. The kitchen includes a fridge, freezer, cabinet space and is accessible from the outside. Plus, the camper consists of a pair of canopies that expand the outdoor living area

Can you sleep in the Form Cybertruck camper? 

Yes, the Tesla Cybertruck Form camper includes a full-size bed with a memory foam mattress. The vaulted ceilings with Lexan windows provide an open and airy feeling. You might actually feel like you’re glamping. 

There are 25 cubic feet of storage under the bed to help keep the space clean and organized. Plus, the foldable chair and table provide multiple uses. 

The kitchen includes a fridge, stove, and sink for added practicality. The cookware set comes with utensils, pans, a coffee maker, and more. 

You can clean yourself up in the NEBIA shower that only uses 0.8 gallons per minute. The Form water filtration system includes 100 gallons of water, so you can run it for two straight hours. 

How does the Cubertruck camper work? 

Tesla Cybertruck with Form camper
Tesla Cybertruck with Form camper | Tesla

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The Form Tesla Cybertruck camper is still a concept, so a few aspects may change before it enters production. It fits in the truckbed as a compact rectangular shape. Once you reach your camping site, you can expand it into a larger area. 

You can detach it from the truck if needed. The Form camper sits on electric legs that lift it away from the truck bed. This way, you can go off-roading and run errands before returning to camp later. 

It has a carbon-fiber body that attributes to its lightweight, durable design. It only weighs between 1,000 to 1,300 lbs. 

The camper is designed to run entirely off of a 12-volt 300ah deep cycle lithium-ion battery. Solar energy will power the battery when it isn’t being powered by the truck. 

Form hopes to start production by the end of 2022. The Form Camper has an estimated starting price of $69,500. But if you pre-order now, you may qualify for a discount. 

We hope that the Tesla Cybertruck remains on track. We’re ready to see what it can do in the wild. It’s expected to enter production by the end of 2022. Full production may not be achieved until 2023. 

The production delays have been attributed to component shortages caused by the ongoing semi-conductor chip shortage and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We will keep you updated as we learn more. 

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