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The Tesla Cybertruck is still ahead of the competition, thanks to one key advantage. The Cybertruck is now delayed, but the electric truck can still come out on top. Tesla’s first pickup truck can still steamroll the competition thanks to the shortcomings of other automakers.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a major advantage over the competition

The Tesla Cybertruck is a one-of-a-kind electric pickup truck destined to be an anomaly in the automotive industry. Its design set the truck up for scrutiny long before any major details were released. The Cybertruck may be exciting thanks to its novel design, but competition is stiff.

Automakers such as Ford and Rivian are releasing electric trucks as well. The Ford F-150 Lightning quickly received over 100,000 pre-orders in a matter of a few weeks. The Rivian R1T is making headlines for its unique features. Producing America’s new favorite electric truck is going to be a challenge for all parties involved, but Tesla has one major advantage over its main competition, the F-150 Lightning.

The global semiconductor shortage has crippled most of the automotive industry. The lack of semiconductor chips is causing production and supply issues. In other words, vehicles are extremely limited, and consumers are waiting longer for vehicles that they pre-ordered. According to CNBC, American Ford sales dropped by 33% in August. Why? The semiconductor chip shortage has devastated the company’s production.

The Ford F-150 Lightning was announced for Spring 2022 but considering Ford’s production issues, this date could be pushed further back. The Tesla Cybertruck has also been delayed into late 2022 and 2023, but Tesla has yet to deal with serious semiconductor chip shortage issues. Tesla and the Cybertruck’s huge advantage is a supply of semiconductor chips that will propel the Cybertruck past the competition thanks to its lack of shortage-related complications.

The global semiconductor chip shortage is devastating Ford

Black semiconductors on a table in a factory. Semiconductor chips are used in the majority of existing electronic devices.
Semiconductors in Germany | Jens Schlueter via Getty Images

Ford makes the most popular truck in America, the F-150. The chip shortage, the global pandemic, and other factors have caused Ford billions of dollars, and F-150 sales are down. Tesla’s popularity has only increased during the pandemic with the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. The electric sedan and compact SUV are currently dominating electric vehicle sales.

Ford is Tesla’s main competition in the electric truck vehicle class, and the company cannot catch a break. More Ford F-150 Lightning pre-order delays and general production issues could cause consumers to resent the blue oval brand. Tesla, on the other hand, has been consistently erratic in its production, releases, and marketing of vehicle features.

Ford has been struggling to survive the semiconductor chip shortage. Tesla looks like it can come out of the shortage relatively unscathed, in contrast. Tesla’s advantage has nothing to do with the Cybertruck being the superior truck. The battle will come down to which truck is more accessible sooner and in a larger quantity. Tesla also has the advantage of more pre-order units for the Cybertruck, so more Cybertrucks will be on the road.

Tesla’s Cybertruck still has the most shock value

A silver Tesla Cybertruck electric truck is driving on the road.
The Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck is still unlike any other truck despite the recent reveals by both Ford and Rivian. Times are changing, and there is an emerging market for electric trucks. Tesla does not hold a monopoly on this market, but it had the foresight to create a model that could easily be differentiated from any other electric truck.

Tesla Cybertrucks have cold-rolled stainless-steel exoskeletons and narrow windshields (with questionable visibility). Once you see or drive a Tesla Cybertruck for the first time, you will never confuse it with anything else on the market. The biggest Tesla Cybertruck advantage is the truck’s unique aesthetic.


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