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Ford has launched two new electric vehicle platforms that are shaking up the automotive industry in a major way. The Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E have shocked consumers. Orders are piling up, and demand is sky-high. Ford is suffering from the global semiconductor chip shortage, yet even more consumers want the Lightning. Here are four reasons why the Ford F-150 Lightning is worth the wait as Ford deals with production issues.

The Ford F-150 Lightning: America’s most shocking pickup truck

Ford shocked the world when it unveiled its first fully electric pickup truck. In the pickup truck’s unveil, the company calls the F-150 Lightning “the smartest, most innovative F-150 we’ve ever built.” The company also called it “the next chapter of Ford F-series”. The Ford F-150 Lightning will carry the blue oval legacy of excellence into the future.

Here is a list of four reasons why the Ford F-150 Lightning is worth the wait:
  1. Onboard power reinvents the modern truck bed.
  2. The frunk is enormous.
  3. The infotainment system is huge.
  4. The Ford F-150 Lightning doubles as a generator

1. Onboard power reinvents the modern truck bed.

Ford F-150 Lightning truck bed | Ford

The Ford F-150 Lightning isn’t the average workhorse. It doesn’t just haul tools. It powers them. The F-150 Lightning XLT, Lariat, and Platinum trims can deliver power to tools and appliances from their frunk and trunk beds.

The Ford F-150 Lightning isn’t the first Ford truck to offer mobile-generator capabilities, but it does its best. It takes onboard power to the next level. The 9.6-kilowatt Pro Power Onboard system can power everything you need, whether you’re in charge of bringing the tools to the worksite or the party to the backyard. Lightning models that offer this package come with 11 different outlets to plug devices, tools, and more into.

2. The frunk is enormous

The Ford F-150 Lightning frunk | Ford

Frunks are usually reserved for high-end sports cars or supercars that store powertrains in the back of vehicles. The Ford F-150 Lightning’s powertrain is below the vehicle, leaving extra space in the frunk. Ford decided to make the F-150 Lightning’s frunk offer 14 feet of storage space.

The frunk is capable of holding 400 pounds. It can produce 2.4 kilowatts of power and has two USB outlets and four outlets. Ford called the Mega Power Frunk “the most useful innovation since the truck bed.” It isn’t entirely necessary, but it’s another unique feature that makes the F-150 Lightning so incredible.

3. The infotainment system is huge

The Ford F-150 Lightning touchscreen infotainment system | Ford

The Ford F-150 Lightning’s infotainment system is an advanced EV infotainment system that is perfectly proportioned for a truck. F-150 Lightning models either include a huge 12-inch display or a gigantic 15.5-inch display. The huge tablet-like infotainment system displays much more than just radio stations and basic settings.

The F-150 Lightning infotainment system is so advanced that it can even display real-time specs related to the vehicle’s battery. It also controls all the vehicle’s many features and modes. Ford took one of the weak points for pickups and made it a competitor so advanced that its infotainment system rivals Teslas.

4.The Ford F-150 Lightning doubles as a generator

Electric vehicles have long been criticized for not holding enough power to be practical. The electric truck subverts the narrative that EVs are weak and proves that Ford EVs are still built Ford tough. They are so Ford tough that they can actually power your home in the event of a power outage.

The Backup Power feature turns the Ford F-150 Lightning’s huge battery pack into a backup generator for your home. This process can all be done through the wall charger. The Backup Power feature is able to provide 9.6 kilowatts of energy, which Ford believes is enough to temporarily power the average home electrical system for up to 10 days if rationed.

The F-150 Lightning is worth getting in line for

The Ford F-150 Lightning.
The Ford F-150 Lightning | Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

According to Car and Driver, there is a huge demand for the Ford F-150 Lightning. So far, that demand is only projected to increase over time as America patiently waits on the Lightning to hit the streets. Ford is experiencing semiconductor woes along with the rest of the automotive industry.

The Ford F-150 Lighting is ultimately worth waiting on despite unprecedented production issues. It may take some time to arrive but let’s face it, if we really want the Lightning, most of us will wait until Ford is able to open the flood gates. Ford expects to finish production on Lightning models in Spring 2022 but semiconductor chip availability is a huge factor in when the vehicles get finished. With a starting price of $39,999, the Lightning may be too good a deal to pass up, no matter how long it takes to deliver.


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