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Tesla may be entering the realm of science fiction. A patent recently filed by Tesla details technology never before seen in motor vehicles, and it’s headed for the Cybertruck. Have you ever wanted your truck to see where it’s going, like some sort of extra-terrestrial living thing? It just might happen.

Tesla Cybertruck on display
Tesla Cybertruck | Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

What kind of technology will be in the new Tesla Cybertruck?

The first stainless-steel Tesla Cybertruck concept on a track
Tesla Cybertruck concept | Tesla

Well, for starters, Tesla’s new patent describes a vehicle operation user interface. New Cybertruck technology would be able to determine whether the driver or passenger was the person interacting with it. This would likely be done with internal cameras, which Tesla is already using.

If the Cybertruck determined that the passenger instead of the driver was attempting to interact with it, it would have the capability to switch buttons to the other side of the car. 

Your body will always be exactly the right temperature

The rear 3/4 view of the stainless-steel Tesla Cybertruck concept on a desert track
Tesla Cybertruck concept rear 3/4 | Tesla

Have you ever fiddled with the air conditioning or heat in your car, adjusting the vents so they hit you just right? Such pedestrian maneuverings are a thing of the past in the new Cybertuck. The Cybertruck will know who is in the passenger seat and blow cold or hot air at them. It will also know exactly where on occupants’ bodies air should go, meaning you’ll never get hit by a blast of cold air dead in the eye again.

Since the Cybertruck will already know where the driver and passenger are, it will be able to adjust mirrors to just the right height. The Cybertruck may be able to learn vehicle passengers and save their preferred settings, like air conditions, mirrors and the steering wheel height. 

The Tesla Cybertruck may have lasers

You know those movies where a bank robber has to catapult themselves through an array of lasers to escape detection? That’s what it will be like if you want to get into your Cybertruck without alerting the all-know system. If an infrared emitter or projector beam in the Cybertruck is interrupted, the Cybertruck will know someone has entered the vehicle. It will also use neural networks to identify who that person is.

The Tesla Cybertruck will also have what Elon Must called “laser blade lights” that will be 82″ wide and wrap around the front of the car. Just like a spaceship.

The Tesla Cybertruck will be able to see

A steel Cybertruck electric pickup on display indoors
Tesla Cybertruck | Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

Okay, so the Cybertruck won’t have eyes, but it might as well. The Cybertruck will be able to show the terrain it’s traversing on a screen inside the cabin. This will be super helpful when you’re hauling your boat or camper, or going off road. 

The Tesla Cybertruck will also be able to display a topographical map, possibly using sensors. Those sensors may also know what type of terrain it’s on, and whether the tires are slipping. 

If you are hauling a trailer, your Cybertruck may be able to talk to it wirelessly, the way your laptop can talk to your wireless printer. In return, a truck trailer may be able to communicate right back at your Cybertruck. 

Also of note is that according to the new Tesla patent, the Cybertruck may have a range of over 600 miles, which would be incredible. Short battery range, or range anxiety, is one of the leading reasons why car shoppers don’t consider an electric vehicle. Being able to drive 600+ miles on one charge would make the Tesla Cybertruck incredibly appealing.

What if I don’t want my Tesla Cybertruck to learn me? 

Some Tesla owners and prospective Tesla owners are concerned with all of the capabilities the Cybertruck will have to study and learn people and surroundings. Tesla will offer an opt-out for people who don’t want their Cybertruck to know every inch of their face. Of course, you’ll have to adjust the air conditioning vents yourself.


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