2020 Lexus GX 460 with city scape in the background
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What’s the 2020 Lexus GX Good For?

The 2020 Lexus GX might be ranked last among the most luxurious SUVs of the year, but it’s not a bad vehicle. With the GX, you get the signature reliability that the Lexus brand is known for. Here are some of the most appealing GX features. The Lexus GX is capable enough for extreme off-roading …

2020 BMW F 850 GS Adventure with white, red, and blue livery parked in hangar
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What Do You Need to Go Off-Road on a Motorcycle?

Preparation is key for off-roading a truck or SUV. And it’s even more important if you’re going off-road on a motorcycle. However, getting ready for an off-pavement motorcycle adventure doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here’s what you’ll need. Picking an off-road motorcycle The first step is figuring out what kind of off-road motorcycle you’ll need. …

Toyota Tacoma at River Road Rally Park
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4 Best Truck Off-Road Trails in Illinois

Perceptions of Illinois, for driving, tend to one of two extremes: “Chicago gridlock” or “endless cornfields.” My home state may be known more for hot dogs and pizza, but there are opportunities for fun drives. Especially when it comes to off-roading trucks. Although the majority of trails are sized for ATVs or dirt bikes, there …