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  • A fully loaded Ford Bronco is a totally unique experience, largely due to the hype surrounding it
  • We could not get our Ford Bronco stuck, no matter how hard we tried
  • As good as the Bronco is, it’s an off-road SUV first, and a city car second

The 2022 Ford Bronco is a dramatic car. Everything, from its appearance to its name conveys the tough, outdoorsy attitude that off-road SUV buyers love. Frankly, it’s safe to say the new Bronco is the hottest SUV on the market right now. So, we got a little excited when Ford tossed us the keys to one for a week. It was only then that we discovered just how dramatic the Bronco really is.

A blue 2022 Ford Bronco shot from the front 3/4 at Colorado's Red Rocks
Our fully loaded Ford Bronco test car was dumb, fun, and worth the money | Chase Bierenkoven, MotorBiscuit

How much is a fully loaded Ford Bronco

First, a disclosure. During the term of our loan with Ford, we discovered this Bronco First Edition was a pre-production model. As such, some issues or features may not be representative of current production units. We reached out to Ford for further comment, but have not heard back just yet. Now, about our 2022 Ford Bronco. As we said, it’s a First Edition model. It’s got the factory hardtop and comes as loaded as you can get.

Our fully loaded Ford Bronco came out to $65,005. It also came with a very large “NOT FOR SALE” written on the window sticker. People have been flipping Broncos since launch, after all. A man offered me $80,000 cash in a bagel shop parking lot on my second day with the car. “I bank with Wells Fargo, they’re just down the street!” he pleaded. He was sorely disappointed to find out it wasn’t my Bronco, and even asked to speak with someone at Ford about buying it.

Driving this off-road SUV makes you feel like a celebrity

A blue Bronco shot from the front 3/4 during a snowstorm
The Bronco is a snow day machine | Chase Bierenkoven, MotorBiscuit

Really, this sums up the Ford Bronco ownership experience, at least until more get made. People love this car. The looks are dramatic, and given the Bronco’s unmistakable presence, it drew a lot of attention. The blue paint didn’t help. I am not lying to you when I say that I could not get gas in peace. Jeep bros demanded to know how much I paid, and one very nice man in a restored 70s Bronco now has a photo with our press car and his Bronco. Just like the Mini Cooper JCW we had last week, actually.

Our fully loaded Ford Bronco First Edition was just as dramatic to drive as it was to live with. I found myself constantly trying to get it stuck in the snow. No dice. No matter how stuck the Bronco seemed, there was always one more setting, one more mode I could use to get it out. While the on-road manners certainly scream “I’m an off-road SUV first,” living with the Bronco is a breeze (gas station meet-n’-greets aside). It’s easy to park, if a little loud on the highway, and all of the tech works wonderfully.

The Ford Bronco’s minor issues don’t take from the big picture

The interior of the 2022 Ford Bronco shot from the driver's seat
Our Bronco was a pre-production unit, and it did have some issues | Chase Bierenkoven, MotorBiscuit

We should note there were some minor issues with the pre-pro car we had. The window motors weren’t fast enough to get the window out of the way of the door frame, nor did they fit snugly in their housings. The overhead switch panel could also easily be moved around with one hand. That said, these issues don’t detract from the fun of owning a Bronco. Just don’t go paying $80,000 for one.


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