A black 2021 Toyota Avalon driving in the snow
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Is Toyotathon Worth it?

Every year, Toyota runs this campaign. The company gives consumers a certain amount of time to buy or lease a Toyota car, truck, or SUV with added deals and incentives. If you are hoping to get behind the wheel of a Toyota Avalon, 2021 Toyota Corolla, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Sienna, or one of …

An RV park that is both a temporary and long-term home for many oil field workers
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Financing a New RV Is a Worse Investment Than a Regular Car

With the pandemic affecting people’s lives in many ways, many people’s summer vacations have looked different this year. There has been an increased interest in RVs, with higher sales and rentals of RVs this summer. According to the RV Industry Association, RV shipments were up 53.5 percent for this July over July 2019. That’s the …

Boat Test at Kogarah Bay. The Cruise Craft with a 140-hp Evinrude motor
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Can You Finance a Used Boat?

If you’re ready to invest in a boat but aren’t sure where to begin, you may want to consider purchasing a used boat. This is often a much better financial decision than buying new, as boats depreciate up to 10 percent in their first year, LendingTree reports. By going with a used boat, you can …

The logos of automobile companies (L-R) Abarth, Lancia, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep are pictured at the entrance to the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
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Why Would Anyone Get a 72-Month Car Loan?

Car loans come in many forms and when you’re looking for a new vehicle to finance, there are a lot of factors to consider. Interest rates, fees, and term lengths help determine not only how much you’ll pay for your new car, but also how long you’ll be on the hook for it. So, when …

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Now Is the Time To Refinance Your Auto Loan

When we think about refinancing, we consider personal loans, credit cards, and even mortgages, but we forget that you aren’t stuck in your auto loan either. Refinancing your auto loan can seem intimidating, and it’s not an option many people consider — but there can be a lot of benefits to refinancing your car loan. Right …

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How to Finance an Exotic Car

Whether you’re into cars or not, chances are that you’ve dreamt of one day owning an exotic car. After all, that yellow Ferrari that you have been staring at on your computer desktop would sure look better in your garage, but it’s too bad you can’t afford it. But what if you could? What if …

Used Trucks for Sale
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People Are Owning Their Vehicles Longer, Study Says

Prices of new vehicles have been going up. At the same time, financing terms have been getting longer. So, it is not a surprise that people have been hanging on to their vehicles even longer. According to IHS Market, their research shows that the average age of light vehicles in operation is at 11.9 years in the …

Front view of a white Tesla Model S
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Tesla Is Cutting Prices to Kickstart Restart After Lockdown

It is no secret that the global economy took a pretty significant hit during the worldwide pandemic lockdown due to COVID-19. It is well documented that the automotive industry was hurt as well. Automotive sales and production were off dramatically due to dealership and plant closures. Now that the manufacturers are slowly starting their factories …

New cars for sale at a Toyota dealership
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The Truth About 0% Interest Financing and Deferred Payments

Anyone looking to buy a car during the pandemic could actually land themselves a really good deal. Many manufacturer’s financial institutions are currently offering deferred payments and 0% financing in order to provide some relief to prospective car buyers. However, we recommend always reading the fine print when it comes to any special offer. Deferred …