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Fernhay UPS eQuad

In Manhattan, UPS Says NO To Gas and Electric Delivery Vans

United Parcel Service is through navigating Manhattan’s congested, crowded streets in its signature brown delivery vans. It has become too difficult, and in some cases almost impossible, not to mention being bad for the environment. So it is debuting deliveries done by these eQuad vans, powered by the pedal and electric assist. Pedal power is …
The exhaust pipe systems of a diesel car from Cologne, Germany

What Countries Have Banned Gas and Diesel Cars?

Governments worldwide have been doing a lot recently to fight climate change. One of the more serious changes has come in the form of bans on the sale of gas or diesel cars, and these bans are becoming more common. Here's a look at the countries that have banned gas and diesel cars. 
Long lines at check-in during the COVID-19 pandemic at the Lisbon International Airport

Airline Delays and Prices Expected to Soar (in a Bad Way) Due to Climate Change

For the past 18 months, the coronavirus has disrupted all forms of transportation. Labor shortages, unexpected disruptions in operations, and accidents are significant problems airline carriers face. Now, unprecedented weather conditions are also becoming a serious concern. As delays become more common, climate change will likely further affect the transportation industry in the future.