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2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA | AR
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Fracturing Brake Discs Are Latest Alfa Giulia Disaster

Oh, the misery Alfa Romeo owners face. Looking at forums and then hearing about this latest brake issue makes buying into the Alfa mystique a huge mistake. And that’s too bad because every enthusiast can easily buy into it. It had an illustrious racing history, beautiful design, and the exotic pull of Italian craftsmanship. But …
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“HyperRod” With Twin-LS7 Engines Debuts At 2022 Pebble Beach

This is the Giocattolo Marcella but it has been dubbed “HyperRod” by its Aussie creator Paul Halstead. Halstead has been a fixture in Australian enthusiast circles for a number of interesting vehicles. The HyperRod will be powered by twin-LS7 engines and is set to debut at the 2022 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Also, Halstead has a …
The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio uses a Ferrari-derived V6 and proudces over 505 hp.

The 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Earned a Special Spot on This MotorTrend List

Since it arrived in the U.S. market, the Alfa Romeo Giulia has been a stylish Italian alternative to the established crop of german sporty luxury sedans. For the enthusiasts, Alfa Romeo makes a more powerful version called the Quadrifoglio, which produces 505 hp. That power output landed the Giulia in a unique position in a …
A red Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan sits in a parking lot with a city in the background.
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Alfa Romeo Celebrates 110 Years While Struggling in the USA.

Alfa Romeo announced celebrations planned to mark the manufacturer’s 110th birthday. The celebrations will continue through the end of Sunday in Italy. But, here in the USA, the Alfa Romeo brand is hardly noticed, and certainly not celebrated in any major way. In fact, Alfa Romeo has been struggling to get its feet under the brand since it came back …
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The Slow Sad Demise Of Alfa Romeo Is Upon Us

In spite of having been a brand for 110 years, Alfa Romeo is withering away. Alfa’s assembly plant in Cassino, Italy, will stop producing the iconic Giulietta hatchback by the end of the month. The plant will be converted over to begin producing a Maserati SUV based on the Giorgio platform found under the Stelvio. …
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Nobody Wants Sports Cars Anymore-Are They Dying?

Nobody’s buying sports cars. Has it really come to this? Are SUVs and pickups all that will be left? That and autonomous rolling toasters? From the latest sales figures for 2019, we have to surmise the end of the sports car is nigh? We’ve assembled a baker’s dozen of those that stand out for their …

Want A Handling Crossover? Get A Stelvio Before Alfa Is Axed

With Alfa’s rocky sales history and the pending merger between parent company Fiat-Chrysler and PSA Group Alfa is on thin ice. After three attempts to jumpstart the brand in the US Alfa has fallen flat. Now Fiat-Chrysler chief Michael Manley says it’s cutting back on future plans for developing new models. The Stelvio was supposed …
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Which Brands Will Die In Chrysler-PSA Merger?

The merger between Fiat-Chrysler and PSA Group is finalized with both parties signing the paperwork. It will take a while to absorb the impact of 14 brands across the world now housed within one company. With this much coming together you know some will be killed off from overlap or lack of significant sales. We …
2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV | FCA-00
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Alfa In A World Of Hurt-Will The 2021 Tonale Help?

Since arriving in the late-2000s Alfa has not been the sales success it’s parent company Fiat Chrysler was expecting. After peaking in 2018 selling 23,800 vehicles sales are slipping. That’s in spite of having more models and more dealers. Alfa is on track to sell only 18,000 vehicles for all of 2019. Now, it looks …
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Six New Alfa Romeos That May Save the Brand

In spite of Alfa Romeo and its sister brand Fiat having problems embedding into the American landscape and in spite of initial big plans, they both have future models on the way. With the introduction of the Fiat 500 in 2012, it told dealers there would be plenty more Fiats to come, and those dealers …

Future Classics That Are Still Affordable (For Now)

Looking for a new project or just something to tinker with over the winter? There are some great cars that future classics, which means they’re still priced reasonably. That may not last long. Our friends over at Hagerty Insurance have a unique tool at their disposal that helps them determine which cars are starting to …