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The Alpine A110 has been given the ultimate honor by Top Gear host James May. The vehicle was deemed one of his favorite cars ever, and that’s saying something. May has spent a lot of time in cars on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, so he has many options to choose from.

James May on the Alpine A110
James May on the Alpine A110 | DRIVETRIBE Via YouTube

Sadly, the Alpine A110 isn’t something we would ever get in the U.S., but it’s still pretty cool. It isn’t illegal, but Alpine noted that it focused on markets it had already found success in. However, the A110 isn’t a car you would see anywhere as Alpine produces very few per year, but France would be your best bet. Back in 2017, the two-seater car was the French answer to the Alfa Romeo 4C. However, it has remained a popular vehicle due to the power-packed into such a small car.

“A lot of people get this car wrong. They assume that because it has just four cylinders and only 248 horsepower it must therefore be merely a sports car. This is rubbish. This is a downsized supercar.”

James May | DRIVETRIBE Via YouTube

At one point, James May declared that the A110 was his favorite car. “Lightness, compactness. As the world winds toward its uncertain electric future, this… this is how internal combustion fights back.” Seeing as the A110 has a history in rally, it makes sense this fast little car awes even the hardest of judges.

The Alfa 4C is a pretty similar car due to the weight, engine, and performance stats, but the A110 is just more fun to drive.

Can you import an Alpine A110?

After 25 years, cars like the Alpine A110 are eligible to be imported into the country. See you in 2042! Until then, U.S. fans have to marvel from afar. According to an article by Auto Evolution, there is a lot to love about the A110. It is pretty light, coming in at under 2,400 pounds (1,080 kilograms).

44% of the vehicle’s weight is on the front axle, while the rear axel gets the other 56%. The engine is in the middle, and the fuel tank is behind the front axle, making the Alpine pretty well balanced. It might only get around 250 hp, but it makes up for it elsewhere.

The Alpine A110 offers a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Alpine offered no manual option, but that’s alright. The Alfa 4C didn’t get a manual option either. The A110 has a 0-60 mph time of 4.5 and a top speed of 155 mph. For the price, you can’t really beat the A110.

Suprise! Here comes an EV version

According to Autocar, there is a new electric Alpine A110 on the way. “Alpine has always been about building smiling machines, not chasing big power outputs, and we will keep our focus on that,” Alpine technical chief Gilles Le Borgne said. While the vehicle might gain some weight from the electric drivetrain, the A110 will remain focused on agility.

The automaker has been working on using technology to combat the weight of the battery. Sports car electric vehicles will be the next big thing, so an Alpine A110 EV is just in time.