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Texas has a lot of pickup trucks. While that may not surprise you, it doesn’t have the highest percentage of pickup trucks in the country. Still, it does have the highest volume of trucks, thanks to its large population and its affinity for the ruggedness of trucks. So just how many pickup trucks does Texas have and what’s the most popular state for pickup trucks? Let’s take a look.

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What percentage of pickup trucks are sold in Texas?

In Texas 19.2% of all vehicles on the road are pickup trucks. While that’s a decent number of trucks, it doesn’t put Texas at the top of iSeeCars‘ list of States by Shares of Trucks. In fact, Texas ranks way down at number 25, putting it right in the middle of the country.

Yet the percentage of trucks that Texas has is still above average. The overall average percentage of pickup trucks on the roads is 16.6%. 31 states have a rate higher than 16.6%, including Texas. Still, 19 states have fewer trucks, and some have a much lower rate.

Wyoming has the highest percentage of pickup trucks

Wyoming has the highest percentage of pickup trucks in the country. 37.6% of all pickup trucks on the roads of Wyoming are trucks. That’s an astonishingly high number, and it puts Wyoming well ahead over second place Montana. In Montana 34.2% of vehicles are pickup trucks.

Surprised that Wyoming has a higher percentage of pickup trucks on the roads than Texas? It likely has to do with driving in conditions in the mountainous state. iSeeCars says that Wyoming is called “the Cowboy State,” and points to its “unpaved roads, rugged terrain, and harsh winters” as reasons why the western state may have such a high ratio of trucks compared to the rest of the country.

New Jersey has the lowest rate of trucks

New Jersey has by far the fewest number of pickup trucks on the road compared to other vehicles. Only 8% of vehicles in New Jersey are pickup trucks. This is less than half of the average number of trucks in other states. It’s also in last place by a good amount, with Connecticut ahead of it by more than 2% at 2.4%.

Other states in the northeast are also at the bottom of the list. In New York only 11.6% of vehicles are pickup trucks, putting it at number 47. In Massachusetts the rate is slightly higher at 12%, good for number 45. California and Maryland are also near the bottom, with 11.7% of vehicles in California being pickup trucks and in Maryland just 11.1%.

Pickup trucks are very popular, but it’s clear that they’re more popular in some states than in others. There seems to be a correlation in the terrain a state has and the rate of pickup trucks on the roads. That’s why states like Wyoming and Montana are at the top of the list while flatter states such as New Jersey and Connecticut are near the bottom.


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