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If you’re buying a new pickup truck, you may be trying to decide what color you should get. Buying a brand new truck gives you more options than buying used, but it can still be overwhelming. Should get something safe or choose a color with a little more personality? While there are definitely benefits to going a little crazy when you’re shopping for a new ride for yourself, it can be more beneficial to you down the road to choose something popular. Here are the most popular truck colors and why your truck color may be important when you try to sell later.

Orange 2022 Ford Maverick, the only pickup truck that costs less than $20,000, driving on a mountain road
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The most popular color for 2022 pickup trucks is white, according to Kelley Blue Book. More than a quarter of new truck purchases are white, at 27%. Gray is in second place, at 21.5%, with black in third place at 17%. That means that 65.5% of all new pickup trucks purchased are those three colors.

It’s not really a surprise that white is the most popular choice for pickup trucks. White tends to be the most popular color for many different types of vehicle, though currently the number one choice for SUVs is gray. Still, the close second to gray is white as well.

The least popular color for a new pickup truck is orange

There are a number of colors that don’t make the top three choices for new 2022 pickup trucks, but the last of them is orange. Only .5% of new trucks are orange. Above that on the list are brown trucks, making up just 1% of all new pickup truck purchases.

Silver, red, and blue are the middle three most popular truck colors. Silver takes spot number three, with 12.5% of all new trucks being silver. Red is number four, at 9.5%. And blue trucks are number five, making up 6% of new truck purchases.

Should I buy an orange truck?

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Let’s say you’ve always wanted an orange pickup truck. Should you buy one? Probably not, at least unless you’re already certain that you’ll run your vehicle into the ground. Then the resale value won’t matter as much as if there’s a chance that you’ll either trade it in or sell it sometime down the road. 

By choosing one of the most popular truck colors, you give yourself the best chance at retaining as much value from your pickup truck as possible. If you buy an orange pickup truck, it could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the popularity of the truck and its condition, as well as several other factors. 

Overall, your truck color is a personal decision. You definitely want to drive something that you love, but there’s a balance, too. You should take into consideration how long you plan on keeping your truck when you choose your truck color. If you’re buying a brand new 2022 vehicle and you don’t plan on trading it in, you can choose whichever color you like. If, however, you know that you’re just going to keep your truck for a few years and then sell it or trade it in, you may want to consider choosing one of the most popular colors.


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