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His real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover. But most everyone knows him as Steve-O of Jackass fame. If you’re wondering what the comedic stunt-artist is doing these days, you can jump online to see he’s still adventure-seeking.

One of his more recent projects has him breaking into the podcast lane, a series he wanted to take on the road in his new customized camper van. Steve-O’s daily life adventures continue to entertain his loyal fans, and it seems he couldn’t be happier living the van-life.

How Steve-O became a household name

Imagine a group of wild and crazy guys who seem to have a brotherhood among them. Armed with cameras, they embark on a real-life truth or dare quest, pranking each other and challenging each other to do some of the craziest stunts ever captured on video.

America fell in love with these guys, and it was the early 2000s when Jackass first took over pop culture. Willing to do anything, this hilarious group of guy pals and their often painful and disgusting antics went on to produce several televisions shows and movies. 

Of the group, three stars almost immediately emerged as fan-favorites: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, and Steve-O. Steve-O was most notorious for vomit-inducing and seriously dangerous stunts. It was this carefree and fearless personality that won the hearts of fans everywhere. Not to mention, he was pretty hilarious.

Life after ‘Jackass’ fame

The excitement of Jackass fame may have eventually fizzled out, but Steve-O wasn’t about to stand still. He continued to be hilarious in home-grown videos and in 2005 started his own shoe company called Sneaux Shoes.

He has also appeared in few commercials over the years for WWE Raw Nation, Orbit Chewing Gum, and Sneaks Skate Shoes. But more recently, Steve-O is podcasting and reconnected with his bro pal of 20 years now, Bam Margera.

Together, they took the Wild Rides with Steve-O show on the road in a new and Steve-O-styled camper van he calls Roxanne the Van. It’s a lifestyle that seems to suit Steve-O and his dog Wendy to a tee.

Meet Roxanne the Van

Steve-O’s new home on wheels is a tricked out camper van that he lovingly calls Roxanne the Van. He decided to build-out this sweet ride to accommodate his surfing and skateboarding lifestyles.

In a recent YouTube video, he chills and camps out with his buddy Bam Margera before heading over to the skatepark. There, they enjoy a coffee with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, and Steve-O offers a tour of his beloved Roxanne the Van.

What Steve-O has in his camper van

The camper van is unmistakably Steve-O’s with decals of his face on the hood and side panels. Inside, he has the basics, including hot and cold running water, a mini-fridge, and van seats that fold out into a bed.

It’s also equipped with all the necessary tech to host podcast shows on the go. Steve-O says the idea to turn this camper van into a place to live and podcast studio in one.

It’s clear he’s spared no expense with the extras, as the van also pops out with an awning, has a storage area for pantry goods, a screen and theater setup, and fan ventilation for hot and cold nights.

Steve-O may have graduated from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College, but when it comes to camper vans, he’s all business. Known most for his dangerous stunts, bizarre tattoos, and raspy voice, Steve-O is clearly living his best life these days.

He is in constant adventure mode with his sweet camper van, podcasting, and riding waves and skate ramps to continued success.


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