This Luxury Camper Van Costs More Than Most RVs

Full-size motorhomes, travel trailers, camper vans . . . there are a lot of options if you want to have a completely mobile lifestyle. Campers are usually the smallest RV option, but they still have plenty of accommodations for short trips. They’re usually also the most inexpensive, but that’s not the case for the 2021 Daycruiser 144.

Midwest Automotive Design, a motorhome conversion company, recently turned a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van into one of the most luxurious campers. The van is 24 feet long and starts at $172,495. Let’s take a peek inside this camper van and see if it’s actually worth its eye-watering price tag.

This camper van’s standard features

The 2021 Daycruiser 144 is still only a camper van, so interior space is still limited compared to an RV. The driver’s seats can conveniently swivel around to face the back seats for a makeshift living room arrangement. Behind these seats, there are two cupholder consoles and a lounge area that can be folded to make a bed.

There are also privacy shades on the windows so that riders can get a peaceful night’s rest. Above the lounge area, there are overhead cabinets where you can store many small items or suitcases. The Daycruiser 144 camper van lacks a full-size kitchen, but it does have a microwave and refrigerator. 

Directly behind the lounge in a door that leads to the bathroom. It’s very cramped compared to the rest of the van, and there’s no tub or shower area. Still, it has a functioning toilet, sink, and an extra air vent to keep things smelling fresh.

The van also comes standard with an LED television set, a Blu-Ray player, and even a premium audio system. It comes with a 2,000-watt inverter charger, plus multiple USB outlets. There’s also a battery charging system on the outside of the van and one additional 110-volt outlet.

Pricey extras

Some customization features can be added free of charge, such as wood finishing or special stitching on the seats. Drivers can choose between three different exterior colors, but custom paint jobs are available. You can also choose custom interior colors, priced to the tune of $12,000 altogether.

You can also add on some extra TV sets, like Apple TV or an additional LED screen installed on the bathroom door. Two different satellite television packages are also available – one for $7,500 and another for $2,000. Sirius XM satellite radio can also be added to the lounge area.

If you’re worried about spotty a Wi-Fi signal, you can have a luxury wireless internet router installed for $2,000. An air conditioner and generator system can also be installed in the rear of the Daycruiser 144. You can have an awning installed on the exterior of the camper van, complete with LED lights.

Several drivetrain enhancements are also on offer, but these are the priciest upgrades. An air suspension can cost over $11,000, while all-wheel drive can be purchased for $15,000. Special off-roading tires are relatively cheaper at almost $4,000.

Is the 2021 Daycruiser 144 worth the money?


Winnebago Is Getting in on the Camper Van Trend

All of the standard and available luxury features included on the 2021 Daycruiser 144 certainly justify its high price. However, we can’t help but point out that that money might be better spent elsewhere. As Business Insider points out, other camper van conversions cost drastically less.

Class A motorhomes are still fairly upscale, and even the most well-equipped model only costs around $150,000. These larger motorhomes also have more living space, a full bathroom, and a well-equipped kitchen. While the 2021 Daycruiser 144 may be a stylish road trip van, it’s simply not the best value.