Should The Cybertruck Have Looked Like The GMC Hummer?

So the idea that the GMC Hummer looks so good that the Tesla Cybertruck should have looked like it is buzzing around the interweb. It is an interesting if somewhat incongruous comparison. But let’s take it on. It seems those who saw the Hummer reveal during the World Series (Go Dodgers!) like it. A lot. And so those fans of the Hummer EV think the Cybertruck should have looked like the GMC Hummer.

What would that have done for the Cybertruck?

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

If it had, what would that have done for the Cybertruck? As of the last time we checked there are 650,000 pre-orders for the Cybertruck. How many more would it have garnered if it looked like the Hummer? We doubt it would have banked a quarter of those pre-orders. 

We like the Hummer and if we had the six-figures to own one we would probably pick it over the Cybertruck. But that is not the point. Or maybe it is. While the Cybertruck is being advertised as being $49,000 with the dual-motor option, we know it will be more. So if it is $65,000 it is still a bit more than half the price of the $112,000 GMC Hummer. 

Does the Hummer look close to $50,000 better than the Cybertruck?

2022 GMC Hummer | GM

Does it look close to $50,000 better than the Cybertruck? It is being said that the Cybertruck is not aesthetically pleasing but the Hummer is. Like a GMC Sierra 2500 is? Or a lifted, accessory laden F-150? We weren’t aware that aesthetics played a part in the kick-ass truck looks. The argument is that the Hummer is “futuristic” and has “interesting elements.” It also has a “massive presence.” Like the Cybertruck doesn’t? 

On the road, or clobbering the outback, the Cybertruck will have plenty of presence. Next to the Cybertruck, the Hummer looks mundane. It looks like a pedestrian pickup truck. You may be used to the Cybertruck so the newness and the honed surfacing of the Hummer’s body make you swoon. That’s what it is supposed to do. But to argue it will stand out from the crowd is like saying Gwen Steffani will stand out next to Frankenstein. Sorry, but that giant green monster is going to get everyone’s attention quickly. 

It’s fun to see some designs grab everyone’s approval and others are polarizing

Tesla Cybertruck driving out of the bright light
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

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The styling of vehicles is subjective. It’s fun to see some grab everyone’s approval and others become so polarizing. With the Cybertruck you could not have ever witnessed a more polarizing design. But that is one of the reasons that even if it sells only half of the pre-orders it has banked it will still be one of the most successful truck launches ever. 

Don’t get us wrong we love the Hummer EV. It says “I’m a huge coal blower and yet I’m the most environmentally friendly truck around.” In some ways, it is the ultimate truck for that reason alone. The original Hummer fell out of favor partly for being such a road pig. Well. the GMC Hummer EV is and yet it isn’t. We love the dichotomy. 

But let’s get real; the Cybertruck would not have gotten the press, praise, and presence that it has had it looked like the Hummer. We like them both, but they are completely different animals. It’s like a house cat and a lion. They’re both animals, but completely different beasts.