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The new Ford Bronco is about retro-style off-roading freedom. And roadster doors cover both of those goals. They’re retro and open up the outdoors from inside your Bronco. Now a California composites manufacturer is offering retro roadster doors for your four-door and, later, two-door Broncos. 

Who is making Bronco roadster doors?

Vintage 1966 Bronco
Vintage Bronco with roadster doors | Ford

Anderson Composites has stepped up to manufacture the roadster doors from their facilities in the City of Industry, outside of Los Angeles. Doorless Jeep Wranglers have been offered forever, but Ford and the aftermarket have been shy about following suit. Now you can blow off the top and doors and feel the outdoors inside.

The doors are bolt-on parts made from vacuum-infused fiberglass. Vacuum infusion sucks out bubbles and air pockets for a solid resin and fiberglass matte part. Owners just need to swap the OE door hinges to the roadster doors, add the supplied weather stripping, and away you go.

Why did the original Broncos have roadster doors?

Ford Bronco roadster doors
Ford Bronco with roadster doors | Anderson Composites

While doorless driving isn’t legal in some states (most states?), at least from our anecdotal view in So Cal, many do it. And the ease at which removal and replacement are achieved makes it a painless transformation. Purchasing a separate set of hinges would speed up the swap even more. 

Originally, blowing the doors off your Jeep, Scout, or Bronco allowed for better visibility in the rough stuff. It affords a better view in tight spots or near ledges. And who doesn’t mind feeling their hair blow in the breeze?

Does anyone make Bronco donut doors?

Ford Bronco roadster doors
Ford Bronco with roadster doors | Anderson Composites

Anderson has made carbon fiber and fiberglass aftermarket Bronco accessories since it first came out in 2021. From hard tops, which Ford had a tough time manufacturing, to donut doors, which Ford showed prominently in early factory images but never made, it has built out its offerings to now include these roadster doors. Though initially only available for four doors, it is working on roadster doors for two doors as well.  

The aftermarket has always helped enthusiasts personalize their vehicles. In the case of the Bronco, this started with the hard tops, which Ford’s supplier couldn’t get right. Many buyers that ordered hardtop Broncos saw delays for months as Ford concentrated on making soft top versions while it worked out the hardtop kinks. 

Ford Bronco Donut doors
Ford Bronco Donut (Halo) doors | Anderson Composites

As for the donut doors, they were featured in early Bronco advertising. But surprisingly, Ford later said it wouldn’t produce them because they don’t pass safety regulations. Both of these parts are available from Anderson. Since then, many aftermarket manufacturers have hopped onto the Bronco wagon and now produce engine enhancements, wheels, and more, many available through Ford. 


You Can Finally Get Bronco Donut Doors!