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When Ford debuted the new Bronco back in July 2020, one cool feature really stood out, the “donut doors.” They were those fishbowl doors featuring areas carved through with a clear view of the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Besides being an eye-catcher, they performed the same function as tube steel doors, to help the driver navigate see trundling through rough terrain or deep fords. 

What happened to the Ford Bronco donut doors?

Ford Bronco donut door
Ford Bronco concept donut door | Ford

Everyone was talking about them, and they were expected to be one of the hot items buyers would order. But then Ford threw cold water on the idea. It said the doors were not meant to become an option. 

And just like that, the donut door became history. Most suspected Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards nixed the idea for Ford. The company never gave a reason. 

Who makes the Bronco donut or halo doors?

Bronco halo door
Anderson Composites Bronco halo door | AC

But as a freebie to the aftermarket, the doors did their intended job. It was too unique an item not to get picked up by some enterprising company. So here we are almost two years later and a donut door just became available. 

Manufactured by Anderson Composites, located in the City of Industry, California, these are its new “halo doors” for the two-door Bronco. They’re the newest addition to an extensive aftermarket list already packed with Bronco components. That’s something Ford wanted to nurture, which is presumably why it revealed the donut doors on that orange two-door Bronco at its launch.

Anderson says the Bronco donut halos doors are “coming soon”

Bronco halo door
Anderson Composites Bronco halo door | AC

From its Facebook page, it says these are coming soon. By the looks of the images, there must already be molds to begin spitting out the halo doors. There is also a simple latch mechanism for them as well. 

What we don’t know is if that cool finned liner we saw on the orange Bronco will be part of the package? Right now it appears to be merely black paint shot onto those cut-in areas of the donut hole. But having that liner gives it a more production-like look and feel. We’ll have to see when it comes out.

The Bronco is selling very well

Bronco tube door
Bronco tube steel door | Ford

Did the Jeep Wrangler Just Steal the Ford Bronco’s Discarded Donut Doors Design?

The volume of sales was 43,711 for all of 2021. For the first quarter of 2022, Ford sold 25,679 Broncos. As production ramps up after COVID, microchip, and supply chain issues diminish, sales should increase significantly from the 2021 numbers. 

So Ford has a hot one on its hands, and some of this can be attributed to accessories and components available from the aftermarket. Having so many products really helps increase both interest and exposure. We can’t wait to see these halo/donut doors on trails and roads.