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These days, buyers looking for restomods or other well-restored classic cars are rather spoiled for choice. But most of that work happens behind closed doors or through the lens of Instagram or classic-focused websites. There aren’t many shows that focus on how classic car restoration works, apart from maybe Jay Leno’s YouTube series. However, just such a program is about to debut on Discovery+. And it’s helmed by a familiar car enthusiast favorite: Richard Hammond.

Richard Hammond doesn’t just do The Grand Tour

Richard Hammond with his classic dark-green 1967 Ford Mustang at 'The Grand Tour' Season 3 premiere
Richard Hammond with his classic 1967 Ford Mustang at ‘The Grand Tour’ Season 3 premiere | Jeff Spicer/WireImage

The name Richard Hammond should ring familiar to anyone who’s a fan of The Grand Tour. After he, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May stopped hosting Top Gear, they created the automotive Amazon Prime show. Now in its fourth season, The Grand Tour has seen the trio perform all kinds of escapades. For example, Hammond rolled an electric Rimac hypercar down a hill in one episode.

However, just like May and Clarkson, Richard Hammond is involved in several other projects outside of The Grand Tour. For one, the trio run a motoring site, DriveTribe. Hammond also co-hosts another Amazon Prime show, The Great Escapists, with former MythBusters host Tory Belleci. Said show has the duo trying to survive and/or escape from a deserted island after a shipwreck.

But when Richard Hammond isn’t working on TV programs, he’s working on his classic cars. His collection includes vehicles like a 1967 Ford Mustang, a 1969 Porsche 911T, and a 1962 Jaguar E-Type, Road & Track reports. He also has some vintage motorcycles, such as a 1929 BMW R52.

And soon, some of these machines might make an appearance on Discovery+.

His new show on Discovery+ is about his own classic car restoration business

Hammond has already worked on one show for Discovery+: an engineering-focused one called Richard Hammond’s BIG!, Deadline reports. However, his new show, tentatively titled Richard Hammond’s Workshop, focuses on cars. More specifically, on classic car restoration, and how to grow a business focused on it.

This new program sees Hammond start a classic car restoration business near his Herefordshire, UK home with a father-and-son team. The father-son duo, Neil and Anthony Greenhouse, will be running the garage, with occasional help from the locals. And the show won’t be limited to restoring customer vehicles. Hammond’s personal cars and bikes will also appear for maintenance and restoration work. After all, the show was inspired by fans’ interest in the Jaguar XK150 Hammond recently restored, Motor1 notes.

Richard Hammond’s Workshop will also have a historic side. Hammond’s grandfather once worked at British automaker Jensen Motors. And part of the new Discovery+ show will be dedicated to delving into Jensen’s history.

When will the show premiere?


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As of this writing, Discovery+ hasn’t released an official release date for Richard Hammond’s Workshop. And again, that name is only a placeholder. However, according to Motor1, the show should air “sometime later this year.”

Launching a new TV show is hard enough without trying to get a new business off the ground alongside it. But shining a nuts-and-bolts, behind-the-scenes light on the classic car restoration scene will likely entice more than a few viewers. Hopefully, we’ll get some more information about Hammond’s new show soon.

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