The Grand Tour Is Back, Newest Episode To Launch in December

It’s been a year! December 12, 2019 was the date The Grand Tour released its last episode on Amazon Prime. The popular motoring show is hosted by celebrities, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. But, the newest episode of season four is finally coming with the hosting trio in December of this year.

What is The Grand Tour?

A Bentley and Lotus on the car show The Grand Tour
A Bentley and Lotus from the car show The Grand Tour A Massive Hunt | The Grand Tour via YouTube

Clarkson, Hammond, and May are former hosts of the BBC show Top Gear. They famously all left the company and formed their own motoring show. Amazon came calling quickly and put them under a contract that included big paychecks and big filming budgets. Their motoring show is called The Grand Tour. 

That was years ago. Three seasons have come and gone since then. The viewing audience was fortunate enough to see the launch of the fourth season last December. That episode was called Seamen. Oddly enough, although The Grand Tour is a car show, the Seamen episode concentrated on boats.

The pandemic slowed debut of new episodes

A tweet from Jeremy Clarkson from March of 2020 indicating that more episodes of The Grand Tour were coming, but on hold due to the pandemic.
A tweet from Jeremy Clarkson from March of 2020 indicating that more episodes of The Grand Tour were coming, but on hold due to the pandemic.

The anticipation at the time was that another episode would follow quickly. But after the Seamen episode, things came to a crashing halt. The global COVID-19 pandemic meant that filming of further episodes was nearly impossible. Their filming crews large. The logistics of dealing with regional lockdowns across the globe was too much for a team to navigate and keep everybody healthy successfully. So, they determined to hold off on the necessary globetrotting and of filming further episodes. 

Since the Seamen episode was released, it came to light that sufficient filming had already been accomplished to put together another episode. The episode would have to be put together in the editing rooms of the team while everybody socially distanced from each other. Sadly, during that process, the Executive Producer, Andy Wilman, was infected with the Coronavirus. So, the episode had to wait to be cobbled together. 

The Grand Tour is back on December 18th

Then came word that the newest episode was put into final cut and sent to Amazon. So, it was a matter of waiting for Amazon to schedule the show. Thankfully, it was finally announced this morning by Mr. Clarkson via Twitter, that the newest episode has been scheduled for a December 18th release on Amazon Prime. His tweet is below.

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The Grand Tour episode was teased with a trailer showing all three of the hosts in the country of Madascar. The hosts start the episode driving a Bentley, a Lotus, and a Ford Fiesta. But, it appears as if the vehicles will be modded somewhere along the way. Indeed, the trailer spoils that anticipation a bit by showing just how they were modded. But, if previous shows are the template, the fun isn’t spoiled completely. That is because the show is more about the witty banter and practical jokes the hosts play on each other while driving their impressive vehicles. 

The newest episode is called The Grand Tour Presents, A Massive Hunt. As the title implies, it seems the trio will be taking paths through Madagascar to find different things in a massive scavenger hunt-like episode. But, until the full episode hits Amazon Prime on December 18th, the trailer is all we have. Although, at least we know the hosts survive to tell the tale.