Here’s What the Grand Tour Thinks of the Tesla Model X

Tesla is unlike any other car manufacturer we’ve known. The brand has not only created a niche all to itself by producing solely electric vehicles, but it has also created a reputation that makes other people stop and stare when they drive by. Bordering between luxury and futuristic, people seem to really admire the Tesla brand, and Elon Musk goes above and beyond to enhance brand loyalty and the user experience through fun features and publicity stunts, like sending a Tesla Roadster into space (by the way, what ever happened to that?). With so much prestige, it only makes sense that a show like the Grand Tour would eventually make its way to review a popular car from the brand, the Model X.

The Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is the SUV that puts all of the rest of the family vehicles to shame. It’s simple yet futuristic, luxurious yet modest, and it isn’t as absurdly priced as some of the higher-end SUVs that offer less than the Model X does. Throughout the video, Jeremy Clarkson, host of The Grand Tour, shows off some of the unique features and capabilities of the spaceship-like vehicle in his usual comical tone.

An image of a Tesla Model X parked outdoors.
Tesla Model X | Marco Destefanis/Pacific Press/LightRocket, Getty Images

What the Grand Tour had to say

From the very start of the video, you can tell that Jeremy Clarkson, one of the stars of the Grand Tour, has pretty high expectations of the Tesla Model X. In fact, they make a point to mention what we all know in the back of our minds is true — Tesla represents a new generation for cars, and enhances what we will come to expect from other car manufacturers. What makes it even better is that they aren’t outrageously expensive, especially compared to SUVs that offer the same or even fewer features.

“This doesn’t look like a normal family SUV…it looks better”

Jeremy Clarkson

Of course, we couldn’t escape without hearing about some of the fun features that the Tesla Model X has, like the sketchpad feature. The video doesn’t dwell much on these features. Instead, it moves on to an overview of the car, with Jeremy Clarkson going on to claim that it’s the most relaxing car he’s ever driven — a meaningful statement from a man that has driven so many popular and rare vehicles.

A view of the world's largest Tesla supercharger station with 72 stalls at the Jing'an International Center
Tesla charging station | Gao Yuwen/VCG via Getty Images

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It’s worth a watch

YouTube provides us with a short, just longer than 10-minute long clip that borders a full-on Tesla commercial. Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson is just so excited about the vehicle that it’s contagious, but it’s definitely hard to argue against all of the cool things that the car does, like how it will drive to you if you don’t want to walk over to it. The brand isn’t known for having the highest reliability ratings around, but consumers seem to be in agreement that with everything the Tesla Model X has to offer, they don’t really care.

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We aren’t particularly surprised that the show had some many positive things to say about the Tesla Model X — it is a pretty cool car, after all.