Recall Alert: Instrument Visibility and Poor Fuel Tank Attachments

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is in the business of making the automotive industry and the public aware of dangerous or potentially dangerous things they discover in relation to the vehicles we all use. This means when they issue a recall, it is usually a good idea to examine their findings. The organization recently released information for recalls involving certain trailers and motorhomes.

Recall for instrument cluster displays

An instrument cluster is glowing with lighting at night time.
Glowing dashboard | Mario Ruiz/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

Newmar Corporation is a large company that oversees several models. So, the NHTSA has specifically called out that the 2018-2019 Essex and New Aire, and the 2019 Dutch Star, London Aire, Mountain Aire, and Ventana motorhome models for the recall. The concern with the affected vehicles in the recall is that the instrument cluster does not have the ability to adjust the brightness. This may lead to excessive glare when night driving and increased risk for an accident.

Newmar Corporation will contact the owners of the 732 units are included in the action. Dealerships are expected to update the software and processor at no cost. Newmar Customer Service is available at 800-731-8300 if owners have questions or desire to set up an appointment for resolution. The recall will begin on October 25, 2020. So, it is nice to have the early heads up about the action.

Recall for poor fuel tank attachments

A red gas can with a belt strapped around the middle
USA – 2010: Neil Nakahodo color illustration of a gas can with a pants belt cinched tightly around its middle | The Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Recall Alert: 186,233 Ram 1500 Pickup Trucks

The next NHTSA recall is for the Keystone RV Company. The announcement of the action affects 119 units. The details are outlined as follows,

“Keystone RV Company (Keystone) is recalling certain 2021 Fuzion recreational trailers (models 357, 369, 373, 379, 419, 424, 427, 429 and 430) and 2021 Impact recreational trailers (models 343, 359, 367 and 415). The auxiliary fuel supply tank mounting straps may have been improperly secured with grade 2 bolts instead of grade 5 bolts. The grade 2 bolts may break under certain conditions, causing the auxiliary fuel supply tank to detach, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash and/or fire.”

Keystone will reach out to the owners of the affected trailers. The company provided a recall reference number, 20-385. Customers may also call 866-425-4369 to schedule their appointments with the dealership. Once the dealers and customers schedule that appointment, dealers are expected to inspect and replace the mounting bolts for the tank straps. This will be done at no charge. This action is another case of early warning, as the recall is not expected to begin until October 19, 2020.

Enjoy peace of mind

Recreational vehicle purchases are experiencing an upswing during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The RV industry sales have skyrocketed as people have increasingly decided to vacation outdoors with their vans, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, or motorhomes. The RVs provide an environment whose cleanliness can be controlled, as opposed to crowded airports, bus stations, and hotels. But, even if you did not buy one of these affected RVs new recently, used ones are still subject to the recalls. So, please reach out to respective dealerships and schedule the recall appointment to ensure that any planned vacation adventure can be done with peace of mind and safely.