Recall Alert: 186,233 Ram 1500 Pickup Trucks

A voluntary recall has been issued for Ram 1500 pickup trucks. It seems that the foot pedals and floor mats do not mix. That is the message out of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles camp. Specifically at issue for the recall are all-weather floor mats and the Ram 1500 pickup trucks equipped with adjustable pedals. They appear to be having issues playing nice together in some instances. Hence, the recall

The cause of the Ram recall

A burgundy Ram 1500 Laramie sits in the curve or a dirt road.
2020 Ram 1500 Laramie | FCA

The recall is for 186,233 Ram 1500 pickup trucks that were sold globally. The affected trucks are from the 2019 and 2020 model year. The Ram truck’s adjustable pedals may end up getting positioned too close to the factory-installed all-weather mats. That lack of clearance may cause trouble. However, it is estimated that one percent of the trucks being recalled will actually have the issue. 

The recall action comes after a customer experienced the mat and pedal interference while driving. The customer was able to stop the truck safely using the brake-throttle override to halt the vehicle. All Ram trucks are equipped with the brake-throttle override feature. It enables the throttle to be overridden by continuous brake pedal application. 

How the recall is being handled

FCA has begun sending notices to affected customers. However, Ram customers that have the factory-installed all-weather mats can contact dealers to begin the correction process. Dealers will modify the mats for the customer until redesigned replacements arrive. FCA also added,

“Should customers observe insufficient accelerator-pedal clearance or they are unable to visit their dealers in a timely fashion, FCA recommends they remove their all-weather floor mats until they obtain service.”

The aftermarket is also involved

There are also 43,148 all-weather mats that were sold in the aftermarket. So, even if the factory all-weather mats were not ordered, it is still prudent to inspect any floor mats for clearance with the adjustable foot pedals or remove them. The last thing anyone wants is for a pedal to be pinched.

How big is the reach of the recall

The recall is global. So, this affects 160,229 trucks sold in the United States. But, it also includes 221,937 pickups in Canada and 872 units in Mexico. Outside of North America, there are 3,195 Rams affected. 

The recently redesigned Ram pickups have been popular amongst consumers. Our friends at Car and Driver said of the new Ram pickup, “Redesigned for 2019, this half-ton pickup truck now wears sleek bodywork and can be equipped with an interior that rivals many luxury-brand SUVs for plushness, without compromising its ability to do real work.” The truck is available with V6 and V8 options, including an EcoDiesel powerplant. Towing can reach up to 12,750 pounds and the payload can handle up to 2,320 pounds. 


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Any Ram dealer can help

Nobody wants their safety to be compromised. So, if an owner of a Ram pickup suspects they may be affected by the recall, they should contact the dealer right away to set up an appointment with the dealer’s service department. Recalls can be handled by any Ram dealer, not just the one where the truck was purchased. So, people who have moved or on travel do not have to wait to have their floor mat concern taken care of.