A new Range Rover car is pictured on the forecourt of a Jaguar Land Rover new car show room in Tonbridge
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A Land Rover Recall Failure Led to Another Recall

Land Rover experienced a frustrating recall failure with its 2013-2016 models of the Land Rover Range Rover and 2014-2016 models of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. The failure, however, continued for some owners of these vehicles. CarComplaints.com explains how the Range Rover recall problem began and where we’re at today with it.  The original recall …

green McLAren GT Verdant with scissors doors open

Supercars Are Hot, But McLaren’s Might Set You On Fire

McLaren is known for its high-performing vehicles that can compete with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Currently, the British automaker is not in the news for a recent, exotic model announcement but for a concerning safety hazard.  McLaren is recalling over 3,000 vehicles across the U.S. and Canada due to a fuel leak risk …

A Ford flag flies outside the Ford Motor Company Conference and Event Center
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Ford Just Issued a Recall for a Frustrating Issue That Could Have Your Door Flying Open on the Highway

When purchasing a new car, many different elements and variables come into play. However, most consumers and drivers would probably agree on the importance of safety and satisfaction when it comes to buying a new vehicle. However, as everyone knows, sometimes recalls and underlying issues don’t come forward until down the line. That seems to …

Ford F-150 Trucks
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Total Recall, The Ford Horror Story

Ford Motor Company paved the way for vehicles in America with reliable trucks and cars to get from point A to B, however, not all of their innovations have been successful. There have been a few recent major Ford recalls requiring thousands of trucks to be fixed for proper safety on the road. Let’s take …

Takata, the company responsible for so many airbag recalls
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Why Do These Airbags Keep Getting Recalled?

Vehicle recalls are a headache for everyone involved from the manufacturers to the car owners. A particularly headache-inducing recall that is making waves again is the one concerning airbag inflators made by Takata. The company, which has since gone bankrupt and has been bought out by Joyson Safety Systems, first went under investigation for their …