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Khan Design in the U.K. is readying a convertible top Land Rover Defender for customers. The creation is the product of Kahn’s in-house Flying Huntsman coachbuilding division. The “Spyder 90” is coming to blend the Defender with higher-end sports car features. What we don’t know is if this is meant to be a capable off-roader with different styling or more of a supercar that sheds its off-road skin.

“This project is about more than creating another exciting and unique vehicle. It’s at once a consolidation and continuation of our legacy of manufacturing special vehicles, supporting British craftsmanship, and keeping the art of coachbuilding alive and relevant,” Khan Design head Afzal Kahn said in a statement.

How is the Defender 90 Spyder top made?

Kahn Design Convertible Land Rover Defender 90 Spyder side view
Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 90 Spyder | Kahn Design

Khan begins with a two-door Land Rover Defender. These are rather small SUVs, perfect for off-roading romps. They are 181 inches long, which makes them slightly longer than a two-door Ford Bronco. 

But rather than keeping its Bronco-like top, it replaces it with an aluminum fastback version incorporating a convertible bikini top. Each of these tops is handmade by Kahn. The bikini top canvas is easily hidden in a space under the top when it is not in use. 

How many 90 Spyder Defenders will be made per year?

Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 90 Spyder sketch
Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 90 Spyder | Kahn Design

Khan’s plans call for the Spyder 90 Defender to build around eight a year. So it will be ultra-exclusive and expensive, though no price has been given yet. Part of the reason there will be so few is that they take six months to build. We don’t see why they need to take so long, but that is what the design house says. 

The good news for buyers is that they can design their own wheels as part of the deal. They also get a plaque signifying its number in production. Khan Design says the first one will be ready by July 2024. 

Does anyone make a true convertible Defender?

Five Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 90 Spyder sketches
Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 90 Spyder | Kahn Design

2023 Land Rover Defender 90 Review: Drive It to Believe It

While we understand what the 90 Spyder is, we don’t totally understand why someone would buy one. That is not a dig so much as SUVs are for carrying stuff and hitting the rocky trails. So, making it a “Gentlemen’s Jeep” doesn’t fit with the purpose.

It is sort of like turning a Ferrari Roma into an off-road vehicle. You can do it, but why? As a result, we have certain reservations about how desirable the 90 Spyder really is. But if Kahn’s goal is only eight a year, that’s not too much to ask, right?

Convertible Defenders are a thing, with a more traditional convertible conversion made by Heritage Customs in the Netherlands. Called the Valiance Convertible, it sells for $90,000. That puts the conversion itself at around $30,000 to $40,000. It, too, takes a long time to make, around three months.