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There are some big names out there in the tractor business. John Deere and Mahindra, for example, are the top-selling tractor brands in the world. But other brands like Fendt, New Holland, Kioti, or Sonalika can also handle a wide spectrum of jobs in agriculture and earthmoving. While it’s hard to say which brands are the absolute best or most reliable, we did some digging to make a list of 3 of the most reliable and well-known tractor brands. 

a large M8 Kubota tractor
A Kubota Tractor Corp. M8 tractor | Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Across several different websites such as and Tractor Junction, there are 3 brands that show up on virtually every ‘best’ list out there for tractors. While these are certainly not the only reliable options, they do seem to satisfy a large number of owners and critics. So here are the three most reliable tractor brands (in no particular order) according to the information we found on the world wide web.


Kubota is a Japanese tractor company. However, it has planted corporate manufacturing roots all over the world––including the USA. Critics and owners generally recognize this brand among the best. Kubota is especially known for the versatility and performance of its compact tractors. 

Kubota tractors are maneuverable, capable, and there are a variety of models to choose from. Depending on your specific needs, a Kubota tractor can make a welcome addition to any lineup of hard working machines. The Kubota tractor company was formed in 1890 and has been building on its wealth of knowledge and expertise ever since. 


a red mahindra tractor clearing the edge of a corn field in the USA
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. tractor | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

This is the world’s top-selling tractor. Mahindra won the prestigious Deming Prize, a Japanese quality award. Mahindra tractors are known for their longevity. Even Mahindra tractors 20, 30 years old or more are still in operation today. The Mahindra tractor brand has roots in India, but sells tractors globally. 

Mahindra used to have issues in North America with getting supplies to dealers for repairs, etc. However, now the Mahindra tractor brand has manufacturing facilities and storage warehouses for service components. In the United States, we know this company as Mahindra USA. 

John Deere

a green John Deere tractor with yellow wheels doing framework in a bare field
John Deere tractor | Bill Allsopp/Loop Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Here in the states, John Deere tractors are pretty much what most of us think of when tractors come up in conversation. These tractors are iconic, yes. But they are also known for high performance and strong reliability. 

John Deere tractors receive praise for their tractor models and agricultural machines from critics like Although John Deere is an American brand, the company sells tractors all over the world. Internationally, it’s one of the most reliable tractor brands. John Deere tractors, like both Mahindra and Kubota, have a worldwide following of brand loyalists. 

The most reliable tractor brands

Other tractor brands like Massey Ferguson, New Holland, and Claas also produce reliable tractors. But India’s Mahindra, Japan’s Kubota, and American-made John Deere tractors show up on list after list. There’s no perfect tractor and proper maintenance plays a massive role in how reliable and long-lasting any machine proves itself to be. 

However, these brands are some of the most reliable tractor brands. While they are certainly not the only companies that manufacture good tractors, they are well-known. Their high production numbers make them easier to service because parts are generally readily available and mechanics who have experience with them aren’t difficult to come by.

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