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It’s not difficult nor rare to spot a blue New Holland tractor in the farmlands of the United States. There are plenty of folks that work their land in a New Holland tractor model. The tractor company is one of the more recognized tractor brands, positioned alongside other tractor brands like Kubota, John Deere, Fendt, and Mahindra. But are New Holand tractors reliable? 

two New Holland tractors side by side at a dealer
New Holland tractors | Geography Photos/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Are New Holland tractors any good? 

Yes, after perusing the internet for answers, it’s safe to say this is a good tractor. When it’s all said and done, this type of blanket classification of good or bad comes largely down to buyers’ preference. With proper maintenance and mindful usage, most tractors prove to have excellent reliability. 

Of course, the best value will depend on the unique intended use that each buyer has for any prospective farming equipment purchase. Plus, dealer locations and relations make a big difference too. That said, the New Holland Tractor company placed third in this consumer survey. In addition, it’s rated one of the top five best tractor brands in both Australia and in the U.S. Overall, New Holland is considered a reliable tractor.

Are they made in the USA? 

a new holland tractor spreading manure in an agricultural field
Farmer spreading chicken manure | Wayne Hutchinson/Farm Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

With beginnings dating back to 1865, the New Holland brand planted its first roots in New Holland, Pennsylvania. The tractor company saw many corporate and engineering partnerships. A relationship with Ford began in 1917, and Fiat and Sperry also joined the mix over the years. 

Ford actually owned the company from 1986 until 1991. At that time, Fiat purchased New Holland. Fiat Industrial ultimately merged with CNH. To this day, New Holland is still an entity beneath that CNH corporate umbrella. 

The U.S. headquarters for the New Holland tractor company are still located in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Today, the company produces tractors all around the world. This includes manufacturing plants in the USA. 

What are some common problems New Holland tractor owners might run into?

a new holland tractor cutting a hay field
Mowing a meadow with a New Holland T7 tractor | Wayne Hutchinson/Farm Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Even when a brand or product is generally considered reliable, there are still going to be problems from time to time. There is virtually no perfect product––especially when it comes to machinery. The more moving parts there are, the more room there is for error. 

Some common problems that New Holland tractor owners might deal with include things like failure to start or hydraulic issues, according to Reference. Another problem owners tend to run into is faulty glow plugs. 

Common tractor problems

Transmission failure and a broken tractor frame are other problems that arise less frequently. Sometimes, owners have issues with white smoke in the vent. All of these problems, however, are general issues with tractors in general. 

While they do arise in New Holland tractor brand models, these issues are seen across the board regardless of the brand––even those made in the USA. Virtually every major brand makes a reliable tractor. It all comes down to proper handling, care, and maintenance. There’s no perfect tractor. So the choice ultimately comes down to the buyer’s preference and what specific jobs they need their new tractor to be able to perform.


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