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There’s an undeniable shift toward sustainability across the globe. There are more hybrid and electric cars than ever before. Even the farming industry is turning to more sustainable practices. So what is the most sustainable tractor model you can buy? 

a light green Claas 960 Axiom tractor in a press photo against a white backdrop
Claas Axion tractor | Claas Group

According to the Tractor of the Year awards, there is one particular tractor that is the most sustainable tractor in the world. The TOTY gives awards to the best utility tractor, the best specialized tractor, and its namesake the Tractor of the Year. So which tractor model impressed the jury as the most sustainable of all? 

The Claas 960 Axion wins the Sustainable TOTY award

Hand picked from all of the finalists in every category, TOTY considers the Claas 960 Axion tractor model the most sustainable tractor model you can buy. The specialized system of this tractor lends itself to helping Claas 960 Axion operate in a more efficient and resourceful way than before. 

The Tractor of the Year committee says that it takes “a big step towards a more sustainable” way of farming. People in the industry appreciate the Claas 960 Axion for its advanced and user-friendly tech features. Plus, the electrics are updated and the tractor features a new “optimization of tire pressure.” 

The specific tire pressure optimization helps farmers get more hours per gallon of fuel. Sustainability is all about efficiency and making sure that resources aren’t being wasted. Something as simple as fuel economy can’t be overlooked.

“this tractor [has] a remarkable fuel saving and a much more efficient performance on field and in any working condition.”

What is sustainability? 

Let’s define sustainable. The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines sustainable three ways. Most simply, “capable of being sustained.” But there are two other definitions provided that fit better in the context of something (like a tractor) having “environmentally friendly” qualities. 

The second definition that Merriam-Webster gives us for sustainability is “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” Then the next one says that sustainable means, “of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods.”

How can a tractor be sustainable?

Taking what we can from these basic definitions, we can move into what it means for a tractor to be sustainable. According to the Tractor of the Year organization, sustainability for the 2021 award ranges outside the scope of a machine simply being “green.” 

The concept of sustainability brings several aspects such as comfort, safety, efficiency and connectivity. In general terms how new and future technologies will help farmers in their every day job.

TOTY focused on areas of interest such as the Intelligence of Things, Internet of Things, and big data analysis. The team then combined this focus with the study of new engines (electric, hybrid, gas, etc.) and new tech features. They then looked at the ways in which these features enrich the daily working lives of real farmers who own and operate real tractors.

Plus, the TOTY jury concentrated their attention on how these technologies and systems help. Do they help produce a more efficient tractor?

Do they provide us with a more effective operation and a lower level of pollution? The answer to both of these questions is yes. That’s why the jury favored the Claas 960 Axion. 

the Claas logo on the grille of a tractor
The Claas logo on the grille a tractor | Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The most all-around efficient tractor of the year

So really the award went to the Claas 960 Axion because it is among the most efficient models in several areas. In addition, it brings quite a bit of innovation to the tractor market.

This makes it one of the most sustainable tractor models you can buy. It provides farmers with modern features. These features help to both ease the daily grind and save the planet. So, this Claas tractor took the prize.


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