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John Deere is easily one of the most well-known tractor brands. That bright green and yellow is iconic in the tractor market. The brand produces high-quality and long-lasting machines, but––like any other tractor brand––John Deere tractors aren’t perfect. Here are some of the most common problems with John Deere tractors. 

green John Deere tractors on display at an agriculture expo.
Deere & Co. John Deere tractors | Sergio Flores/Bloomberg

Are John Deere tractors reliable? 

According to, John Deere tractors are among the best and most reliable. In fact, some say these tractors are the most reliable tractors of all. But no matter how reliable a brand becomes in terms of its reputation among consumers, problems still arise. 

There is just no perfect machine. So some John Deere tractors are bound to have problems. We’ve scoured lists of issues reported by John Deere operators to bring our readers this comprehensive list of the most common problems with John Deere tractors. 

Do some tractor models have more problems than others? 

a John Deere technician wiping down the front end of a John Deere tractor
John Deere 6250R tractor | Christoph Soeder/picture alliance via Getty Images

When it comes to John Deere Tractors, Farmers Weekly got together with a longtime John Deere expert and asked about the most common problems with John Deere tractors. Farmers Weekly reports that the expert has seen more problems with the 6030 Series tractor than other models in the John Deere tractor brand lineup. These tractors deal with brake repairs and, Canbus connector problems, and issues with the water pump.  

He’s also seen a lot of problems with John Deere’s 7930 and 6930 series tractors. Apparently, the 7930 often deals with power-take-off (PTO) shaft drive loss issues. In addition, the 6930 series is often subject to engine rebuild according to the Farmers Weekly interview

Common John Deere transmission problems 

five green John Deere tractors preparing a large field for planting
John Deere tractors | Andrew Michael/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

According to, a notable number of John Deere tractor owners report transmission problems. Farmers Weekly shows similar data. The findings reveal that the 6620 series transmission experiences clutch pack wear if the tractor is put to serious heavy work. Additionally, the 3050, which is an older John Deere model, is prone to need a transmission rebuild. 

Overall, transmission repairs are among the most common problems with John Deere tractors. Plus, an intense vibration during operation seems to jar, loosen and potentially break or wear down moving parts, which leads to repairs. Owners also report issues with the warranty not extending coverage long enough to handle many of the common maintenance and repairs through the years. 

In addition, John Deere is known to change vendors frequently. That means components are quickly outdated. Sometimes, service is difficult to procure for John Deere models that aren’t even that old. 

John Deere tractors are good and generally considered reliable

While these issues are the most common problems with John Deere tractors, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they happen all that often. With regular maintenance, John Deere models are known to last a long time. Plus, there are ways to troubleshoot problems. 

In fact, John Deere provides troubleshooting information for its customers. The company offers a list of common problems in addition to available solutions. Common problems on the list include things like uneven grass cutting, slipping belts, or minor engine problems. John Deere also claims that lighting issues and battery problems are common.

Still, John Deere tractors are largely reputed for their reliability. Plus, John Deere is North America’s best-selling tractor brand. So, while these tractors aren’t necessarily prone to frequent issues and repairs, these are the most common problems with John Deere tractors.


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