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When it comes to foreign tractor manufacturers, Kubota and Mahindra are among the best. In fact, Mahindra is the best-selling tractor brand worldwide. Both companies make great tractors with a wide variety of specialized machines and different sizes to choose from. But between Kubota and Mahindra, which is the best tractor brand?

Both of these tractor brands are global leaders in the industry. In addition, Mahindra and Kubota are best-selling brands in the United States. To decide whether Kubota or Mahindra is the best tractor brand will likely depend on your priorities, budget, and the expected tasks at hand. 

Is Kubota a good tractor brand?

Yes, Kubota makes one of the best tractors around. According to Tractor Junction, Kubota is the “most advanced tractor maker company in the world.” The Kubota tractor brand has been delivering quality equipment since the late 1800s. 

Since then, the Kubota tractor brand has earned a large following of loyal customers. The manufacturer has a long history of producing quality products. Plus, farmers can appreciate a Kubota tractor both for its quality and affordability. 

Mahindra also makes a good tractor

an orange Kubota compact tractor working in sand
Kubota compact tractor | Compact Equipment

Tractor Junction tells us that Mahindra is the world’s best-selling tractor brand. This is another tractor company that has a reputation for producing durable, quality products. Mahindra tractors contribute year over year to worldwide productivity. 

In truth, virtually every tractor brand lends itself to productivity. However, as the globe top-seller, Mahindra does it at a higher volume than competitors like John Deere, Massey––and Kubota. 

In fact, Mahindra earned the Deming Prize for the Japan Quality Medal. That means the company has been recognized for its high-quality, long-lasting, and durable machines and implements. Still, it’s hard to say which is actually the best tractor brand between Kubota or Mahindra.  

What’s the best tractor brand? 

To determine which is the best tractor brand, buyers need to have a firm grasp on the intended use for their prospective tractor purchase. According to Countryside, Mahindra tractors are known for their durability. These machines tend to stand the tests of time. 

Kubota tractors are also built to last. Countryside also notes that the Kubota tractor brand is known for offering a product with a particularly smooth operating quality. The farming-oriented publication then says, “You can’t go wrong with buying either tractor based solely on the quality of the product.” 

Kubota or Mahindra?

Kubota tractors exhibited at an agricultural fair in rural America
A Kubota Tractor Corp. M8 tractor | Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Some say that Mahindra is the better tractor for those that are shopping for more heavy-duty farm equipment. Kubota has a reputation for offering premium quality compact and sub-compact tractors. However, there are so many models that the final decision comes down to a long list of details. 

Kubota offers acclaimed customer service. I myself can attest to this, as we own some Kubota farming equipment, and we’re pleased with the service so far. 

There used to be countless reports of Mahindra repairs taking forever (and thus costing a lot in terms of time) for repairs. This is because the parts were once much harder to come by. However, since then Mahindra has solved these issue by keeping a larger stock of parts in U.S. warehouses. 

Perhaps the most notable difference between the two tractor brands is that the majority of Kubota tractors and components are manufactured in the U.S., while Mahindra tractors are primarily manufactured in India and China. This fact alone can be enough to sway certain buyers in favor of Kubota. Still, the perfect tractor for your needs is entirely subjective to the work it’s needed for. This makes it hard to say outright which is the best tractor brand between Kubota or Mahindra.

See Kubota and Mahindra tractors compared in the video below: