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The international Tractor of the Year awards have been given. The best utility tractor model of 2021 is one by a brand that’s relatively hard to find in North America these days. Still, international critics consider it one of the top tractors in the world for 2021. According to BKT-sponsored Tractor of the Year (TOTY), the best utility tractor model of 2021 is the Valtra G 135 Versu. 

Valtra G 135 Versu utility tractor model in a crop field on a sunny day
Valtra G 135 Versu | TOTY

The Valtra G 135 Versu is an internationally recognized tractor model

Although this one will be hard to come by in the states, it’s sold in other places worldwide. Valtra is a long-standing tractor brand that produces quality tractors for a variety of designated purposes. The Brand is particularly popular in Europe and the UK. So what makes the Valtra G 135 Versu the best utility tractor model of 2021?

According to TOTY, the jury runs a long and in-depth analysis of each candidate in its respective category. First, the team considers the total package. Then, they take a close look at the technical features of each tractor.

The parameters for the Best Utility Tractor award weigh in on each feature. They take into account the fact that a utility tractor needs to be simple to operate. Plus it should be easy to maneuver and cover a versatile range of applicable uses.

Apparently the Valtra G 135 Versu impressed the judges on all fronts, taking the win. This is the best utility tractor model of 2021 because it excels in each element of judging. For example, it utilizes specialized innovative technology and it’s obvious that the Valtra manufacturer pays close attention to detail. 

TOTY calls the “very efficient hydraulic assistant” one of best features of the Valtra G 135 Versu. They also call attention to the fact that this utility tractor handles virtually any utility-related job. For these reasons, TOTY named it the best utility tractor model of 2021. 

What other tractors were candidates for this award?   

KUBOTA M 6142 utility tractor in press photo against a white backdrop

Here’s where some of the tractors come in that are more accessible to buyers in the U.S. The other finalists for the Best Utility Tractor of the Year include the Armatrac 1004 LUX CRD 4, the CaseIH VESTUM 130 CVX Drive, the Fendt 211 VARIO, and the Kubota M 6142. 

The TOTY Awards are based on brands that are sold in Europe, but Case, Fendt, and Kubota are all household names in the U.S. as far as farming and agriculture equipment is concerned. TOTY also recognizes these utility tractor models as the best in the industry. 

Buying a utility tractor 

CASE IH VESTUM 130 CVX DRIVE tractor in a hay field hard at work

Buying a new or used tractor is different than buying a car. While there are similarities in terms of dealership experiences for buying a tractor, the product is different. For example, Machine Finder points out that the lifespan of a tractor is often significantly longer than a car if the machine is well-maintained. A 25-year-old utility tractor model may not have all the new tech features but still serves its purpose. 

Tractor buyers can get quite a bit of bang for their buck if they do their due diligence and find a (well taken care of) good used model. These awards can help buyers both in the U.S. and worldwide find a good tractor that fits their needs. Overall, a utility tractor should be versatile and reliable, and TOTY considered all of the models here to possess both of these important qualities.


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