This Mercedes Camper Van Is a Flashy Work From Home Rig For the City

Camper vans aren’t usually associated with flashy aesthetics. Typically, all the flash and glamour are contained within the RV. The folks at VanTourer are taking a different approach with its new Mercedes-based Urban camper van that is as flashy as it is compact. This bad little mamma-jamma feels like it just rolled off the Mercedes-AMG showroom floor, not the woods. 

VanTourer Urban is the newest small camper van concept and it is finished in a noteworthy neon green
VanTourer Urban camper van | VanTourer

You won’t miss this Mercedes camper van

As far as bigger RVs and camper vans, paint jobs tend to keep to fairly muted color palettes. Lately, as smaller camper vans from new companies have taken off, we have seen an increase in more fun-colored camper vans. However, none of them can compare to VanTourer’s nuclear green camper concept. 

The lack of bright colors isn’t due to a lack of imagination. In fact, many campers are white because this helps to keep the cabin of these vehicles cooler. These more muted colors also help the vehicle to blend into its surroundings a bit better. Not that this is overly objective, but maybe this makes campers feel a bit more a part of nature than on top of it. 

VanTourer has made a work from home rig unlike any other

The auto show in Germany is litered with camper vans and RVs
Duesseldorf Motorhome and camper van show | Rolf Vennenbernd/picture alliance via Getty Images

According to New Atlas, Van Tourer joined forces with paint and coatings specialist Axalta to cook up this shade irradiated lemon-lime aptly called “ElectroLight.” This choice doesn’t break ranks with the piles of white camper vans and RVs; it blows up the whole scene with a blinding green resembling the mysterious death of one of Spinal Tap’s drummers. 

Although there is a clear reason for this attention-grabbing color on the surface, Axalta has a deeper reason for using it. The paint makers say that ElectroLight is the official Global Automotive Color of 2021. Not only does this color attract lookers everywhere it goes, but it also is meant to be easier for LiDAR systems to recognize. The idea is that this will boost the efficacy of automated driver-assist systems and car-to-car communication. 

What’s inside this loud work from home camper van? 


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VanTourer cleverly ties the loud paint job to the interior by adding pops of matching color throughout the cabin. The Urban’s interior is a classic small camper in that everything serves multiple purposes to be as efficient as possible. The rear bench folds flat into a double bed, wearing some of the same lime-colored hue. 

The dual sliding doors are where things really get cool. In the typical layout, these doors hold a deployable kitchenette meant to be built outside or inside. This feature can also be left at home to give the van more passenger room if camping isn’t on the docket. 

VanTourer has changed things up by transforming the kitchen and replacing it with a functional office module. Like the kitchen, the office block includes an attachable table complete with built-in organizers that take on the role of a desk for up to three people. The longer office block appears to prevent the driver seat from swiveling around, similar to the larger kitchen module.

To adhere to the more modern work from home model, this small Mercedes camper van also offers a rising digital screen that can be paired with a computer as a dual monitor, video conference screen, or even to unwind after work and watch TV or movies. 

This small camper van comes with a catch

Since this is a really small camper van, there isn’t enough room for the work from home office and the kitchenette. This means that the VanTourer Urban RV may not be the best full-time van life rig. However, becuase of its size, it is a cool option for city dwellers that can use it as a regular daily driver van and as a mobile work from home base for shorter trips or summer road trips. 

Seeing as how this is only a model for the camper van show, there is no evidence that this will go to production, but the idea is intriguing. Small camper vans seem to be the current trend to the already trendy camper van boom. So, while this work from home, small camper van idea isn’t quite finished, it does put an interesting bug in our ear.