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Work remote has taken the world by storm. COVID-19 made this style of work a necessity for a while, and now many businesses are seeing that some people are happy working from home, more productive, and the lack of office space saves the companies money. All that to say, the camper industry has risen to meet the need of folks working remotely from actually remote places. One camper maker has really thrown itself at the work from “home” nomads. 

Sunlight camper from outside
Sunlight Camper | Sunlight

Sunlight campers are the perfect mobile work from home station

Of course, any camper or motorhome can be set up for the internet and has a surface to put a laptop on. However, Germany’s Sunlight joins the growing work remote camper crowd by exploring how a transformable dining table can support a wide variety of professionals. 

According to New Atlas, Sunlight has a long history of updating existing products by adding features based on customer needs. This new motorhome work remote concept known as the Home Office on Wheels has come to alleviate the difficulties of working remotely.

Will Sunlight actually make the Home Office on Wheels?

The new Sunlight Camper specializes in mobile work from home set ups. This guy is sitting at the fold open work station
Fold-out work station | Sunlight

The idea is to turn this interior concept into an optional package for folks who need such a mobile base of operations. This concept came to light in response to various German surveys identifying the growing legion of remote workers and those who would prefer remote work.

Unlike some other RV makers whose idea of mobile work remote is simply calling a separate closet-sized room an “office,” Sunlight is going for a more purpose-designed location-independent work/life space. 

The Sunlight T68 is a killer work remote office 

Woman sits at the fold-out work station on the ultimate work remote camper rig
Fold-out work station | Sunlight

The Sunlight’s standard T68 is a Class C motorhome, first and foremost. With that comes a roomy camper van with a built-in kitchenette and dining lounge. This table can easily double as a desk. Still, a basic dining lounge falls short as an office space because of its lack of productivity amenities. Things like extra electrical outlets adjacent to the table make a major difference in productivity.

Sunlight is approaching this issue by implementing a more task-based workstation. This expandable dining table/desk will be complete with a ​​wireless charging pad and extra electrical outlets to charge smartphones, tablets, and camera batteries and plug in PCs, audio equipment, and other wired hardware. 

The idea here is to expand the work from home idea from simply computer-based office jobs. Sunlight is thinking about all kinds of professions and what they may need out of a work remote station. 

The coolest part of this convertible kitchen/workspace is that there is an integrated media screen on the underside of the flip-up table. This screen can be easily hooked up to act as a secondary monitor for many devices. 

But this work remote camper van is still a camper van

Lady opening up the modular desk that makes the Sunlight Camper the ultimate work remote setup
Fold-out work station | Sunlight

The Do’s and Don’ts of Working Remotely From Your RV

The beauty of this is that although there has been a lot of effort put into the office part, Sunlight still hasn’t forgotten that it’s still a camper. 

The standard floor plan has dual, single beds in the back and an available drop-down double over the dinette. This modular feature provides plenty of space to retire after the workday is over. 

The kitchen stands between the dinette and the dry bathroom. There’s also a large rear locker that ensures that work doesn’t interfere with the freedom of the open road. It offers space for equipment like bikes, camping gear, and small kyaks.

Work from home quickly becomes less appealing if you simply turn your home into an office. Sunlight has masterfully integrated this office setup without compromising the recreational appeal of the camper.