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The camper van market has completely blown up. It is the automotive craze of the decade, without a doubt. While there is no shortage of super-lux RVs, badass overlanding camper trucks, and massive motorhomes, it can be tough to find a small affordable camper van. Well, thankfully, this cute little Caravan Outfitters Free Bird is the least expensive camper van on the market – and it’s actually affordable.

How much does the least expensive camper van cost?

The Caravan Outfitters Free Bird is the least expensive camper van on the market. The Free Bird is built using the Nissan NV200 as a base. It is small, light, and compact but it’s cheap.

Unlike many larger camper vans and motorhomes, the Free Bird can accommodate two people fairly comfortably. There isn’t room for much else. This Caravan Outfitters offering is simple and small, but that is what it takes to provide the least expensive camper van on the market. The Free Bird’s price can vary slightly depending on the configuration, but the starting price is $37,665. 

Is the Caravan Outfitter Free Bird a good camper van?

According to Trail and Summit, the Free Bird is a multi-functional camper van that was designed to be as functional for everyday use as possible. It comes stocked with Caravan Outfitter’s Slide and Glide floor, which allows you to quickly install all of your van’s components in just minutes. 

This huge opening helps you empty the van quickly to use it as a cargo van if necessary. This is a truly unique feature of this cute little camper van. 

As far as functionality goes, the Free Bird camper van is fitted with full electrical wiring, including LED lighting, USB charging ports, and a 31-quart fridge. Of course, as any good camper van would, the Free Bird comes with a portable butane stove and plenty of storage space in the kitchen to give you the perfect place to cook up a home (van) cooked meal. 

By day the cabin area behind the driver’s seat is a small dinette with two seats. By night, the little dinette converts into the bedroom, giving way to a full-size bed. The windows also come with beignets so you can open your windows for ventilation without letting any critters in. 

Optional extras include a batwing awning for outdoor living space and a rooftop storage pod for all your outdoor gear. 

There are some other affordable camper options out there

The Free Bird is the least expensive camper van and its built using the Nissan NV200 mini cargo van
Nissan NV200 | Caravan Outfitter

Although the Caravan Outfitter Free Bird might be the cheapest factory option out there, there are other ways to get into a camper van without spending a bazillion dollars on an EarthRoamer.

Don’t forget about conversion camper vans and overlanding rigs. There are plenty of clever people who have converted cheap old cargo vans into beautiful and even luxurious camper vans for even less than the Free Bird. 

The internet is full of people’s builds that prove that creativity and ingenuity can take you just as far as throwing around money can. The camper van DIY community is strong and if you have the time and interest, building a seriously cool camper is not out of reach. 


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